Sunday, March 28, 2010

The ABC's of the "Quilting Me"!

A week or so ago I posted "The ABC's of Me" which I first saw on Sinta's blog and thought it was a fun and clever way to  share some info about me and my life so other bloggers could get to know me better.  It got me to thinking that it would also be a good way to share my style and thoughts about quilting with others, too, so I made up this set of A to Z quilting topic related questions.  So, I challenge all you quilting friends out there in blogland to copy this activity and share your thoughts with us, as well!  Feel free to insert photos to illustrate your answers, too! 

      So, without further ado, here are The ABC’s of the “Quilting Me”!

A – age at which you started quilting?
     I've been a garment sewer since I was a teenager, then progressed to crafting and doll making / pattern designing.  This was always done in my spare time as I've always worked full-time as a special education teacher since I graduated from FSU and got married in 1978.  I was kept quite busy with my craft fair business until we moved from Coral Springs, FL to northern VA in 1998.  (The photo below is a Halloween witch frog that won first place in a Country Marketplace magazine contest in 1997... and I sold a ton of those patterns back then!)

I did not start my doll business back up here in VA, so wanted something new to get into and as I'd always admired quilts and was a very experienced sewer, quilting just fit the bill!  So, I began quilting in 1999!

B- block- what is your favorite?
Although I like allot of different ones, my favorite has always been the churn dash!

C- chain piecing - do you?
ABSOLUTELY!!  What a time saver!  I don't know any quilter who doesn't!

D- DSM (domestic sewing machine) your favorite Brand / model that you do your piecing on?
I do all my piecing on my Bernina 640 and I do a bit of quilting with the BSR on it, too... but only small things like wall-hangings, purses and Schnibbles.

E- easiest quilt you ever made?
Hmmmm....that's a tough one.  I love panels, so panel quilts are easier. Turning Twenty quilts are easy, too.  I would have to say the fall scarecrow quilt

I made from a big panel last fall might be the easiest one I ever made.  One  of my all-time favorite easy quilts is the Yellow Brick Road.

F- fat quarters- how many in your stash right now?
Goodness me...gotta go do some counting.  I've got them sorta all over my room. 

Well, umm, including bundles I have about 380 fat quarters upstairs in my sewing room at the moment.  That's not allot is it?

G- guild- do you belong to one?
Absolutely!  Local quilt guilds are a wonderful way to meet people in your area who share your love of fabric and quilting!  I go to 2 quilitng retreats each year with our Centreville Quilters Unlimited.

H- hand quilting- do you?
Well, I tried it...not my thing.  Waaaaaaaay too slow for me!  But I do sew my bindings down by hand!  Does that count?

I- invisible thread- do you ever use it?
I did use it a few times when I first started quilting.  But I've not used it in years.

J-jelly rolls- do you like them, buy them, how many in your stash right now? How many quilts have you made with them?
I love, Love LOVE them!  They make sewing up a top sooooo fast and easy!  I have about 6 in my stash right now and I've made about 8 quilts with them already.  I especially love the Anka's Treasures jelly roll pattern books by Heather Mulder Peterson.

This is one of her jelly roll patterns that I taught at The Artful Quilter shop.

K- kaleidoscope blocks- have you made a “Stack and Whack” or “One Block Wonder” quilt?
Yes, I made a Stack and Whack quilt a few years back at a guild workshop. 

 It was really fun!  I have the One Block Wonder book but haven't made one yet.

L- LAQ (long arm quilter)- do you send your tops out to one to be quilted or do you own one yourself?
In the past, I've sent some tops out to a long arm quilter in the midwest to be quilted, but now that I have my own HQ16, I don't need to anymore!

M- mitered corners- do you usually miter the corners on your borders or not?
Usually I don't miter the border corners unless the fabric or pattern calls for it.

This quilt, "Bluegrass" is one I designed myself and I did miter the border corners.

N- novelty fabric- what’s the craziest one in your stash?
Gosh, that's a hard one...  I guess the backing fabric I have collected in my stash for a quilt for my husband who loves the three Stooges.

O- on point or straight set-what do you like the most and why?
 I guess most of my quilts are probably straight set blocks, but I do have a few on point designs.  They tend to be bigger quilts when the blocks are on point.

I love this jelly roll pattern called "Field of Flowers",
as it makes a big quilt and nuses only one jelly roll with almost no waste.

P- paper piecing- do you do it, love it, hate it?
I've done it a few times and the resulting blocks are absolutely pieced perfectly.  But I still prefer to piece the regular way.  I have friends who really hate it, though.

Q- quilt shop/website- your favorite one and why?
My favorite local quilt shop is The Artful Quilter where I used to work/teach on weekends before I tore my rotater cuff 2 years ago.  My favorite shop on the web ...that's tough!!!  I like allot of them...  Fat Quarter Shop, Webfabrics, Quilt Taffy, Cotton Charm Quilts, Quilt Home to name a few!

R- rotary cutter- how many do you have? What’s your fav and why?
I've got about 5 and have given away several, as well.  My fav, though, is the ergonomic ones.  I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both my wrists and find using the Martelli ergonomic rotary cutters much easier to use.

S- scraps- how do you store them?
I have  a set of plastic drawers and keep them sorted in baggies in the drawers. Some are sorted by size, or strips or by colors and fabric collections. I try to use them up as much as I can for purses and small projects and gifts.

T- tops- how many do you have completed and waiting to be quilted?
I have 2 antique quilt tops I bought years ago in hopes of repairing them and finishing them... and 2 other tops I made myself that need to be quilted.  I had 2 others but have been doing one a month since I got my HQ16.

U- UFO’s (not un-opened kits, but any project actually begun by you and put away not completed for ANY reason) - how many do you have?
Ummm, I have the 2 previously mentioned quilt tops not quilted, and a crooked log cabin quilt started at a class with Pat Sloan last year that I never finished. 

I also have 7 BOM blocks for the Calendar Kids quilt to make. :-(

V- variegated thread- do you quilt with them? Favorite brand?
LOVE them and use them for quilting all the time... MOST of the time, actually.  I guess I like the King Tut Brand the best, but YLI, Sulky and Auriful are good, too.

W- watercolor quilt- have you ever made one?
YUP!  My second quilt ever was one!  Here it is!

It hangs in my living room... just don't look on the back!!

X- eXactly how many quilts, any size, (that you made) are in your home right now?
OK, gotta go count.  Unless I missed some, I have 91 quilts in my home now.

Y- yellow- SUCH a touchy subject- love it/ hate it? Use it allot in your quilts or never?
I don't use it much because I don't decorate with yellow... no yellow rooms in my house.  I have a bit in Halloween, fall, Christmas  and spring quilts, but no all yellow or even mostly yellow quilts at all.  I don't wear yellow either.

Z- zigzag – do you zigzag/satin stitch the edges of your applique’s when machine appliquéing or do you use a blanket-stitch?
I either straight stitch or blanket stitch around fused appliques.

OK, so that's my Quilting ABC's.  YOUR TURN!!


  1. That was so fun! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Polly....are YOU serious? 91???

    You're my idol, girlfriend!

    The more I learn about you, the more I like you. What an inspiration you are!!!

  3. 91 QUILTS!?!?!? Holy cow, woman. I bow down to you. I'm still in love with your watercolor, and will attempt my very own after I get a few other projects finished. This was fun!

  4. What a great idea - thanks Polly! I love all of your photos - especially the doll one! Holy Quilting Batman - you've done a lot of quilts!


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