Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Favorite Schnibble

To begin the next year of “A Schnibble a Month”, we are to choose our favorite Schnibble we’ve made so far.


That is soooo hard for me!


And I imagine for most of us involved in this fun blog group!


We’ve done this for two years now!!


So we all have lots of Schnibbles to choose from!


Soooo, hmmmmm…..


This may be my all time favorite Schnibble!!!

madel finished

What’s your favorite quilt?


Sometimes, my favorite quilt is the one I’m working on at the moment!!  LOL!!


Yogi and I are still packing!!  I’ll pack my sewing room stash closet LAST…. too painful!!  LOL!!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Packing, Packing, Packing!

We made it through the home inspection and are waiting for appraisal and final details involved with closing on the sale of our home on February 28th!
(above pix taken 9/12)
I’m taking one room at a time… lots of boxes and newspapers and tape!!
Yogi knows something is going on…
none of the rooms are like they used to be!! He follows me around the house like a shadow.
Our new home being built should be ready in July, we think, so we will be living elsewhere for at least 6 months!
We have rented a first floor two bedroom apartment with a garage nearby and will start taking boxes over to store in the second bedroom and garage.
I have packed up about half of the sewing room…
the stash closet is still to be packed!  VERRRY SCARY TASK, INDEED!!
Thanks for sticking with me through this new chapter!!  I put all my kits and precuts in bags to take with me to the apartment.  I will be sewing again, soon, I hope!!
In the meantime, I think we need MORE boxes!!
P.S.  Still reeling from dear Sybil dying last night on Downton Abbey!! Really mad at Sir Robert!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well, first and foremost, a big huge THANK YOU for all you folks with crossed fingers and toes!! We sold the house!!!!  Yaaayyyyyy!! 

We are just waiting now for the home inspector and the appraiser to come to make it final! Yogi is happy, too!! LOL!


I took the leftover half square triangle blocks from the Cascade quilt and made a table runner today.


I used other scraps and pieced the back so that it is reversible.


I just sooooo lovveeee these fabrics.  So my colors!


l always call them Kaffe fabrics but actually more of them are from Phillip Jacobs than Kaffe.


I am such a sucker for luscious florals!!


I quilted it by echoing the zig zag seam lines.


You should see the grin on my face… no more showings!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Soooo My Colors!!


The only thing that is keeping me sane at the moment with all this house selling/showing is spending bits of time with Yogi in my sewing room.


It is definitely my calming place amongst house selling chaos.


In between cleaning and staging (taking away everything that shows someone actually lives in this house like all dog stuff, bathroom rugs, all personal effects, garbage cans, etc…)


and then grabbing Yogi and leaving the house when some realtor is showing the house to potential buyers, I escape to my sewing room for some “me” time to blow off stress.


I have actually made a quilt these last few days!!


This one uses my most favorite, collected, and hoarded florals from Westminster Fabrics.


So, none of these are new fabrics bought for this project…oh, except for the 4 yards for the backing…which is the MOST luscious of all!!


I thought the designer’s instructions were interesting… then I realized her process created leftover usable half square triangle blocks made from the pieced corners!!


So, after making the quilt, you are left with all these lovely little blocks from these delicious fabrics


to use for making pillows or placemats, or a purse or wall quilt or… in my case, I’ve got them laid out for a table runner….


Sooooo, what are working on today??


Friday, January 11, 2013

Sick of Cleaning!!

What a busy few weeks!  I am beyond SICK and TIRED of cleaning this house every day in readiness for possible showings.  Selling your home is such a pain… in the knees, shoulders, back…  ugh!!  I don’t think this house has ever been so clean for so long!!  But I do so appreciate your fingers being crossed for us to sell it soon!!


My family was here two days after Christmas and stayed for a week!  We had such fun!  Lot’s a food and sharing and games and movies!  Then back to reality when they left… more cleaning and clearing out of the house for showings.  You end up removing all the stuff that makes your house your home… hate how plain it looks, but the agents say this will help the house sell.  UGH!!


Because of all this house for sale stuff in the month of December, I did not finish my son’s t-shirt quilt for one of his Christmas presents.  So, as soon as my company left and the house was back to normal, I finally got back in the sewing room and completed his quilt!!


The shirts were trimmed to 15 1/2” square and some that only had small designed were pieced into four patch squares.


The bad thing about guy t-shirt quilts is that most all the shirts are black or navy or white…yuck!!  How come guys don’t wear colors??


Anyway, I found some awesome Ford Mustang fabric for the backing, which is perfect as he loves Mustangs! 


I gave it to him yesterday and he loved it!  YAY!!  And it was only 2 weeks late!! 


I have packed up all I can in the house until it’s sold, so I can get back to more sewing.  I fell in love with this quilt on Pinterest-

beauty quilt

And bought the pattern and have been going through my Kaffe stash to duplicate it!!  Here’s the link for the pattern-

So, what have you been sewing on this new year??

snow cozy

Yogi says hello!!