Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy National Quilting Day!

Soooo, it's National Quilting Day!!  

What did you do to celebrate this wonderful event?  I'm currently working on a quilt with Tula Pink's new Chipper collection.  The top is finished and the quilt sandwich all pinned and read to quilt.  Hope to at least start on it tomorrow.  But weekends are usually full of doing things with my husband and family Sunday dinners at our house.  Often, I never get up to my sewing room until Monday!

But, I thought this project would be just perfect to post on National Quilting Day!  I love Pat Sloan's stuff!  I love her fabrics and her patterns. My dear friend Kim, said something the other day that really perfectly described why I love Pat's designs so much. The applique is not "perfect"... and it certainly isn't after I get a hold of it!!  LOL!!

I have a large lap quilt on a wall in my sewing room.  It's an old applique quilt made fifteen years ago when I was just starting to quilt.  It's time to retire it off the wall.  And this new wall hanging will be put in that space, along with some new mini quilts that I plan to make.

I'll make sure to take some pix and post them here when it's all done!!

I had such fun selecting the fabrics for this wall hanging.  I totally love and collect fabrics with writing and words on them.  Do you? 

And I also have lots of sewing themed prints in my stash, so, of course, some made it into this piece.  And I fussy cut my circle dial on the machine that states " Sew On"!

The metal hanger is made especially for this design and is from Ackfeld Manufacturing

Well, Yogi is watching the big wet snowflakes fall as winter bows out and spring comes in.  We both are ready for some green grass and blue skies!  How about you?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Catch Up

I've got a few more completed projects I can share with you!

First off, a very dear friend, Suzanne, severely fractured her back helping her husband put away the artificial Christmas tree in January.  She was in such terrible pain and had to be on super strong meds and had injections in her back, too.  And this was an even bigger tragedy as Suzanne is our world traveler - always on the go everywhere!  Super strong and independent!  So, it was really hard to see her all strapped up in a back brace and unable to do much of anything.

So, I made her a soft warm flannel quilt to wrap up in... to let her know our bee is always there for her and wishing her comfort and strength!!

I loved finding the small friendship panel on eBay to add to the corner.  The quilt is all flannel and the pattern is used is Yellow Brick Road.

I bought the flannel for the backing online and it was too bright a white for the front colors, so I threw it in my washer with a tiny bit of tan Rit dye to beige it down a bit.

I was pleased how it turned out and I think Suzanne was, too!!  

Next, I made my dear 93 year old Mother an applique pillow for her birthday.

The small pink and white flowers look just like the camellias we used to have in our yard growing up.  

My Mother was an amazing gardener.  She loved being out there in the yard pulling weeds and tending to her flowers.  I did not get that gene from her!  I hate pulling weeds and can even kill silk plants!!

Lastly, I finished the spring embroidery mini wall quilt and have it already hanging up on the wall!!

I love these seasonal designs from Kathy Schmitz!  They are just adorable and so fun to stitch!  I'm about half done with the hand embroidery on the last one- the summer one!

We are to have a few nice warm days this week... temps up to 75!!  Woo hoo!!  Yogi can't wait to find a warm sunny spot on the ground to lay on!!

What are you working on these days?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Springin' Time!

I am sooo very ready for spring!!
Aren't you?  Yogi sure is, too!!

Tomorrow I will put away all my snowmen and other winter decorations and put out my spring stuff.  YAY!!

Bunnies and chicks and garden stuff!!

I've got an idea for a new spring applique' wall quilt to put in the spot where I just put the new snowman quilt.  I'm currently pulling stash fabrics for it... stay tuned!

But I did make these little quilts designed by Edyta Sitar, which were all in one pattern and used 2 batik charm  packs.

Have you caught the spring bug yet?

Yogi loved sitting on the porch enjoying our little tease of warm weather!

So, what are you sewing on these days?