Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Catching You Up...

Waiting for garage door company to come replace one of our garage door openers that got fried last week in an unusual thunder storm... never thought of putting a surge protector on my garage ceiling outlet...  Soooo, what better time than now to catch you all up on some stuff that has kept me busy!!  
A neighbor three doors down in having her first baby in a few weeks and has chosen not to know the baby's sex ahead of time, so I had to make them a gender neutral baby quilt!  Really hard!!

I used citrus colors of yellow, green and orange, along with black and white prints to make the quilt!

Her husband likes monkeys, so I had to add a little monkey on the quilt, too!!

As usual, I cut WAAAAY too many squares for the quilt, so I used up some of the extras to make a baby quilt for our little grandbaby, too.  I added a fun bright frog on black print for the alternating squares...

OH!!  And I can now show you "the Grand's Room" here in our home!  

I saw this cute panel months ago which seemed all BOY to me, so that was my jumping off place!

I chose the green drawers on the crib, so that if we EVER get girl grandbabies, I can switch the colors out to green and pink and purple!!

I love the Art to Heart growth chart panel I used to make the little low wall quilt!!  

And the new froggie one is on the rocker!! That is the same rocker we used to rock our now grown boys in when they were babies!  Dusted off and ready for use!

I found some great chartreuse green prints to make the crib dust ruffle, covers for the white boxes under the changing pad, and the rocker seat pad!

I made the changing table organizer wall quilt to hang above it, for diapers and lotion, wipes and such, too!

A month or so ago, I took a guild workshop on cathedral window blocks!  I loved making them but they are so fabric dense, 

that I would think a whole quilt made with them would be realllly heavy!!  So, I took the two blocks and made them onto a little day purse!!

Have used it ever since and gotten lots of compliments on it!!  Yay!

Sigh.... it's mid September and still ever so hot here!!  Yogi and I are still longing for the cooler fall weather to come!!
These little leaves agree completely, with Yogi and I, and simply could not wait to change their colors...

What are you working on these days??  Is it cool where you live by now?

PS.  HATE Blogger!!!  It simple does not keep the formatting I do when it publishes my posts....grrrr!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016


It's finally September!!

The beginning of my MOST favorite time of the whole year... AUTUMN!!  
Let the fun begin!!

Yogiman loves fall, too!  When you have a double fur coat, the cooler temperatures are much appreciated!!

What are you up to these days?