Friday, July 30, 2010

Joy Luck Done!!

I am still lovin' these monthly Schnibbles!
The designs are so lovely and the
ease of cutting
because we use pre-cut charm squares
just makes my day!!
(Cutting is my 
of quilting!!  Hate it!!) 

I used Moda's Verna fabrics. 
I love, Love, LOVE the soft colors
and fun florals in this line.

And as you can plainly see,
I'm still into my
polka dot background phase!!

Isn't that a fun and funky backing?
And these Schnibbles are just
perfectly sized for
our family room ottoman!!

OK, so now I've finally caught up on
my overdue monthly projects.
And guess what I bought
with the money I'd saved up for
the last quilt show I went to but
didn't spend there????
I already gave you
a big hint when I said
cutting out quilts....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scnibbles Times Two Contest

OK, so you all know about the
Schnibbles Times Two contest,

has been doing a Schnibble Along
to help us get our quilts done
 for the contest!
I worked on the blocks Friday night
 during the Sew-In. 
I worked on it yesterday and
finished it up this morning!!  YAY!

I used the Spin City pattern from the book.

I used two charm packs from the "Boutique" line.

I free-motion machine quilted it with
 multicolored thread to make the
spinning blocks look like flowers with leaves.
  I embellished it with yoyos and
green buttons for the flower
centers and added ladybug
buttons scattered accross it.


I used a green ginghamish plaid
for the inner border and binding.

And I'm so glad it's all done- labelled, too!!
I really love these fabrics!!  Yum!!
This afternoon, I started the
 Joy Luck Schnibble for July!
Hope to have it done in a few days!!
What did you do this weekend? 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tonight is Friday Night Sew-In!!

Ok, I'm going to be brave and sit in my
sweltering sewing room tonight for
 Friday Night Sew-In!

I am working on my Schnibbles Times Two
contest entry quilt that I must finish

completely and send photos to Kelly at

The pattern I am working on is Spin City 
in the smaller size made with charm squares.

And I'm using 2 charm packs from the Moda
"Boutique" line and am reallllly loving it!!

I have all the cutting done

 and I am assembling the blocks.

I've now finally finished making all
the blocks and must stop for tonight.

We're going out for a late dinner
 and movie now,
 so this is all I'm going to be able
to get done tonight!!
Hope to finish it up tomorrow!!
TGIF, y'all!!!!!!!!  :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Better Late Than Never, Right?

That's my motto- better late than never! 
That's appropo because I just finished
 my June Schnibbles- State Fair.

I really liked making this one allot.

And I just got my Joy Luck pattern today
 from Quilt Taffy for August!
So, I GOTS to get busy getting it done!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CGQC Quilt Along Finish

I'm thrilled to have a finish for
 this fun CGQC Quilt Along. 

I really love this quilt design and
Kelly's instructions were clear
and super easy to follow!!

And I love the Moda Tweet Tweet
charm squares I used with the
fun polka dot background! 
This will be a beautiful baby quilt!! 
Thanks, Kelly, for having this fun Quilt Along!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Late CGQC Goals for July and August

HOLY COW!!!  Where did this month go already???   
 I am SOOOO late posting my
Charming Girls Quilt Club

Goals for July and August! 
Hmmmm!  OK, first off is-

(weird... not sure why this posted in black??)

OK, right now my biggest need is
More sleep.
Uninterrupted sleep.
Menopause and hot flashes do not help
 trying to sleep well, either.
And with both my grown boys back home and coming in and going out at all hours I don't ever get a whole night's sleep without waking up several times a night.  Our Westie, Yogi, sleeps with DH and I

and when he hears the front door open in the dark he launches himself off the bed barking hysterically and proceeds to bark all the way down the hall, then all the way down the stairs until he sees
that it is just his own boy(s).
Sigh... rollover and try to get back to sleep.
Does this happen to you, too?
So, I am trying to go to bed a tad earlier and also to not plan early things for Saturday mornings as it's the only day we can all sleep in.  Sigh...

Other priorities for the upcoming two months-
1. read some each day... got lots of novels waiting for me
2. keep the deck plants alive in this summer heat
3. keep up with all my blogging friends!!
4. keep up with the Schnibbles each month
5. make a new purse for Back to School (work)
6. write Stash Manicure post on the 19th
and this one is HUGE...
7. clean out my stash closet
(in August after I'm off from summer school....)

(I wish it really looked this good now... this was taken a year ago!)

Boy, this one will take FOREVER!!

I wish I could list quilting the two large lap quilt tops I have completed, but not until my shoulder gets better.
Sigh!  Getting old is NOT for wussies!!
What are YOU up to so far this summer??

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stash Manicure

Tomorrow, I am posting on
Please check it out and see how to use up your accumulated Halloween scraps and make this cute shaggy pumpkin quilt for the fall!! 
 Let me  know what you think!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Drip, Drop, Drip Drop...

Ok, so, I've been back from my trip to Orlando to spend the 4th of July with
 my dear family for 3 days now. 
Have I sewn a stitch since I've been back?

Not a stitch!  Yep, that's me.
A SLUG!!!!!!!

But instead of being covered in slimey goo,
I'm covered in sweat up in my sewing room.

We've had a week of over 100 degree
 days and my AC upstairs in my
sewing room  isn't very cool!

So, I hope the temps drop soon and
 I can get back in my sewing room!
I am soooo behind in my current projects!
How's YOUR summer going?