Friday, July 30, 2010

Joy Luck Done!!

I am still lovin' these monthly Schnibbles!
The designs are so lovely and the
ease of cutting
because we use pre-cut charm squares
just makes my day!!
(Cutting is my 
of quilting!!  Hate it!!) 

I used Moda's Verna fabrics. 
I love, Love, LOVE the soft colors
and fun florals in this line.

And as you can plainly see,
I'm still into my
polka dot background phase!!

Isn't that a fun and funky backing?
And these Schnibbles are just
perfectly sized for
our family room ottoman!!

OK, so now I've finally caught up on
my overdue monthly projects.
And guess what I bought
with the money I'd saved up for
the last quilt show I went to but
didn't spend there????
I already gave you
a big hint when I said
cutting out quilts....


  1. i have a feeling that a new toy is in your imminent future :)

  2. So... is it the Go or the Studio? LOL Either one, you are going to love it... I too hate cutting out fabrics. Of course now the problem is you will cut so fast you will have patches everywhere!

    The Schnibbles is darling, love the idea of an ottoman cover!

  3. Could it be a GO????

    Love the Joy Luck and the polka dot background.

  4. Hmm, a GO?
    Love your schnibbles, as always. ☺
    And I'm with you, I love Verna, can't get enough of it!

  5. Joy Luck Schnibble is lovely.

    It's a Go! Cutter :-)

  6. Your Joy Luck is wonderful! Love the background! Just perfect!

  7. Love you Schnibbles quilt. I reall think I need to get on the Schnibbles band wagon.

  8. Love it!!! Very feminine. Is it summer yet?!?!

  9. Love your Schnibbles... I can't help but drool all over that Verna fabric! Did you buy yourself a wonderful GO??? I am so jealous!


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