Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Third Son

 I just can't resist showing you all
these adorable photos I snapped
of my sweet Yogi the other day
in my sewing room.

He has a bed up on on my
sewing cabinet in front of
the window overlooking
the deck and backyard.

He always starts out wide eyed
and chipper... nosing around the
fabric and stuff laying on the top.

Sometimes he watches out the window
for those pesky squirrels
who sun-bathe on the deck below.
And if he's there when the sun is
coming in through the window,
he basks in the light

and slowly his eyes begin
to  close...

and his head lowers...
then he's out.

Is he not just the cutest thing

My third son

Friday, September 24, 2010

Paganini's Pumpkin

I just finished my first scalloped border.
It was on the first LePetite group project-
Carrie's new Schnibble "Paganini".

I used the new Moda "Boo To You" line.
I am just soooo into polka dots!!

This pattern was really quick and fun to make!
Carrie's directions always make the process
of making the blocks so easy to understand!

I love displaying my little Schnibbles
 on the family room ottoman!
Yogi love to lay on them up there, too!
What are you planning to do this weekend?
I think I might put out my
Halloween stuff!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall O Ween Blog Hop

Run, Don't Walk and no
Dillydallying along the way!!
Gundrun is sponsoring a hop!!

She has lined up 10 awesome designers
to share a themed project on their blogs.
Go here to find out who the designers
are and what the themes will be!

You know how much I LOVE fall
and especially Halloween, so
Won't you join me??

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Halloween Quilt Parade

Head on over to Rae Ann's

I posted my Halloween
quilt parade over there!

Just realized that I
totally forgot this little quilt!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Love Acorns!

We had bee on Saturday.
I made this cute little
autumn quilt at bee.

It was a charm square kit
The fabric is "Awesome" from Moda.

And awesome it is!  :-)
Happy Fall, Y'all!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Goodness Gracious, Miss Rosie!!!

Carrie Nelson, the owner of the
Miss Rosie's Quilt Shop
and the amazing
quilt designer of all
the darling Schnibbles
patterns we've been making
every month
for the last year
sent me
prize, ever!!

Four layer cakes
and two new patterns!!
I'd been told I had
won a new Fandango
layer cake from Carrie
and then this MEGA
 prize arrived!
O. M. G. !!!!!

Carrie, you ROCK!!!!!
Thank you, THANK YOU,
T. H.A. N. K.   Y. O. U.!!!!
(This was my face
when I opened that box!!)

Make sure you go over to Carrie's blog
because  she's got a great
givaway going on...
You could win this!!

and this...

but BEST of all- THIS...

Oh, and one last thing!
This is Carrie's dog-
Miss Rosie!

I think she and Yogi would get along
really well together...

They have similar hobbies...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

CGQC Goals for September and October

Our Charming Girls Quilt Club
leader, Kelly, has set

And this is just perfect for my
situation right now!  Because I hurt my
"good" shoulder a few months ago, I've not
quilted anything large since then.
So, I have a few tops I would like to try to quilt.

And the "Queen Mother",

(my HQ 16 sit-down machine)
is lonely and needs some exercise!

I LOVE autumn and especially Halloween. 
I have a few quilt kits for the season

that I'd also like to make.

Another goal is to figure out
what I'm making family
and friends for Christmas
this year!  Maybe I'll get some
good ideas on Sunday at
the Sully Quilt show!!
Wish me luck!!  :-)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sully Quilt Show on Sunday!!

Now I know that fall is here for sure!
Know why?

Because this Sunday is the annual
here in Chantilly, VA!!
(All photos from the site above!)

Our local quilt guild provides quilters
to sit and sew at the show for visitors
to observe and chat with!

There are antiques, quilts and other vintage
textiles to purchase, along with fabric and
other quilting supplies.

And who can resist the smell of fresh
kettle corn being made right on site??

I've been going to the annual
Sully Outdoor Quilt Show
every year since I moved here in 1998.

It always gets me into the autumn
state of mind... stirs the creative
juices and gives me lots of ideas
for Christmas gifts I could get
busy making right now!!
Sooooooo, I can't wait
for Sunday!!!!  :-)
See you there!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Schnibble's Lucky Plan C

I just found out I won
a Fandango layer cake
from Carrie herself
in the August
Schnibbles drawing!!
Go to Sinta's blog

and see the parade and prizes!!
This was just what the
doctor ordered

I have a cold!
UGH!!  :-( 
I started feeling bad yesterday
and it is worse today.
I just hurt all over!
I just took some

so,  I hope I sleep better
tonight than last night!
How can you get a cold
in time for the Labor Day
three-day weekend??

Halloweenie Givaway

Go on over to Stash Manicure

and sign up for her
Halloween givaway!

But you are not
allowed to win it-
'Cause I'm a total
Halloween FREAK
who NEEDS that cool prize!!