Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sully Quilt Show on Sunday!!

Now I know that fall is here for sure!
Know why?

Because this Sunday is the annual
here in Chantilly, VA!!
(All photos from the site above!)

Our local quilt guild provides quilters
to sit and sew at the show for visitors
to observe and chat with!

There are antiques, quilts and other vintage
textiles to purchase, along with fabric and
other quilting supplies.

And who can resist the smell of fresh
kettle corn being made right on site??

I've been going to the annual
Sully Outdoor Quilt Show
every year since I moved here in 1998.

It always gets me into the autumn
state of mind... stirs the creative
juices and gives me lots of ideas
for Christmas gifts I could get
busy making right now!!
Sooooooo, I can't wait
for Sunday!!!!  :-)
See you there!!


  1. WOW What a wonderful way to spend a day. All those beautiful quilts and things to buy. Wish I was going with you Polly.
    Oh How is your cold???

  2. That looks like great fun! Hope you get lots of good holiday ideas:) My 90 year young mom is visiting me for the first time since I moved. It's great to have her here for a couple of weeks. We are having a lot of fun but not doing much sewing:)


  3. What a fabulous location for a quilt show

    Love and hugs Gina xx

  4. That is always the best show...I've been twice and loved it. Have tons of fun!

  5. Oh Polly, I Sooooo wish I could be there! I love fall fairs and quilt shows!!!!

  6. Put me in your purse - that way I can pop my head out and peek at all the sites....and I might even be able to grab a goodie for you...LOL

  7. This looks like a wonderful day! Wish I could have gone with you!

  8. What a lovely place for a quilt show. I don't quilt, but I hope to take it up someday.

  9. I am green with envy Polly! That looks like so much fun!

  10. How was the quilt show? An outdoor quilt show sounds fabulous! We have an outdoor Arts & Craft Show, but not a quilt show.


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