Friday, March 29, 2013

Dream Trip!!

My dear husband is third generation Italian, but has never been to Italy!


Until now!!  Tomorrow morning we fly out to NYC, then after a short wait, fly to Milan, Italy!!  Woo hoo!!

lake como

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We’ve been waiting for this trip for forever…


I could never get enough time off from work to go, until I retired last July!!


My younger son, Anthony, and his wife Leah, will be taking care of Yogi for us at their apartment, while we are gone!! He will love that!!


I will try to post a time or two while we’re gone, whenever the hotels we are staying in have free Wifi, via my iPhone!!


So, be patient and I’ll be back in a few weeks!!  Ciao for now!!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Test Post!

I am testing writing and publishing a blog post using my BlogPress app on my iPhone.

Today I made this little passport carrier to keep my passport secure under my shirt while traveling!

It has just enough room for my credit card, room key, passport and iPhone!


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Monday, March 25, 2013

Let It NOT Snow…

Woke up to this!! Holy Cow!!


Where the heck is spring?


Here in DC suburbs, we so don’t want any more snow!!


The annual Cherry Blossom Festival begins this week here in DC and it’s been so cold, the majority of the trees are not blossoming!!


We are sooooo ready for spring!!


I think we need a new groundhog!!


Of course, the snow does not bother some…

photo (17)

Whatcha sewing on this week??


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quilting Again!!


I finished the 6 placemats and large table runner from the Strawberry Fields fat eighth bundle.  Whew!


The table runner is super big… 25” wide by over 100” long!!


The table we will buy for our new house will be a long one, so I made this runner long!!


But in making it so long, I learned a valuable lesson! 


This little sewing table in this little corner is way too small for anything that big!!


It was a pain to quilt!  So, no more big stuff to be quilted here!!  If I make any big tops while here in this tiny apartment, I’ll put it away and quilt it later when I’m in my new sewing room in the house!!


A bloggy friend, JoAnne, sent me this photo she found on Facebook…  we couldn’t decide if it was cute or creepy…  what do you think?

Yogi cake

I don’t know if I could ever cut it to eat it!!


Yogiboy agrees!!


Soooo, whatcha sewing on?


Monday, March 18, 2013


moda island

I've been stranded on a Mysterious Island! Click here to find out what items I would take if I was really stranded on a Mysterious Island full of Moda Fabrics, Sewing Machines, Cutting Mats and Rotary Cutters... OH, to be stranded on such an island in the middle of winter, with my sweet Yogi, right???

Hmmmm…we were told we could also bring a little something else….

Something fun….

Something memorable…

Something to make time pass quickly until we are rescued….

…do I want to be rescued???

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy International Quilting Day!!

International Quilting Day is tomorrow- Saturday, May 16th…

and Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, hosts of The Quilt Show, want quilters, sewers and crafters to help us celebrate International Quilting Day by seeing what's going on in today's quilting world. 

They are opening up free access to over 140 of their shows from their website beginning Friday, March 15, through Sunday, March 17, and there will be terrific prizes from companies we know and love like Bernina, Gammill, Superior Threads, AccuQuilt, C&T Publishing, and RJR Fabric.  Woo hoo!!

Alex and Ricky

Ricky and Alex will have gift baskets to give away too.  The grand prize is a new Bernina 550QE sewing machine!


And who couldn’t use another Bernina!!??  Go for it!!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beat The Blues Givaway Winner!!

A big thank you for all you wonderful readers who follow my little blog and who left such awesome comments with tips how to beat the winter blues!!  Such terrific ideas, said Yogi!!


Although I do love winter, I admit that I do miss the sun this winter and I am ready this year for spring!!

Monica pink rain1

As we just sold our home last month, this will be a really different spring for us here in the apartment.  Our previous home had a wonderful yard with many mature trees.

close cherry

We had two large cherry trees and a dogwood tree in our front yard and several pear trees in the back and they all flowered so beautifully each spring…


I will miss them!!  So, we will have to plant some flowering trees in Haymarket when our new home there is finished and we move in!!


OK!!  You have been so patient with my spring ramblings… ready to know who the winner is???


This is the comment of the randomly chosen winner…  is it you???


Congratulations, Denise!!

Do make sure you email me your snail mail address so I can send you your book prize!!