Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Small Quilties for November

I made some small tabletop quilties to use in November with my scarecrow and Thanksgiving decorations.


They’ve already been packed away with all my other November decorations,


as I buy my tree and begin to get my house ready for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving every year.


My house is now all decorated and ready for Christmas!  But that “reveal” will be another post to come!!


Oh, and you might not recognize my Schnibble of the Month for November…


which is not actually a “Schnibble” at all, but is a “Little Bite” named “Drop”!


I did change it up a bit…  I added some small squares between the tiny blocks…


and I love the way it turned out!!


What did you do this past weekend besides eat turkey?


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Placemats and Runner

I made my parents new placemats and napkins for Christmas.


My folks place uses pink, maroon, and green colors, so I found some Christmas prints with those colors.


I designed them to look like a present with a big bow on the top.


The bow is made by folding the napkin like a fan/accordion, then slipping it into a loop sewn into the top of the present.


The backing is a holly print on a black background.  What I’ve trained my boys to do with placemats is to flip them over to the wrong side when using them… that way if you get any food stains on them, it will only be on the wrong side!  When the placemats are just out on the table being decorative between meals, the front side is always spotless and pretty!


I also made them a new appliqued table runner for their coffee table.


I used stash scraps for all of it!


The holly leaves and ribbon were fused on then stitched around the edges.


I added red buttons for the berries. 


And the backing is a gorgeous watercolor looking holly on a black background!


I didn’t add a label, in case they wanted to use either side!


And I’m feeling really good about these gifts…as I already sent them to my parents last week, so they can actually use them this Christmas season!  And they called and said they love them!!  YAY!!  So, parent’s gifts are crossed off my list of to do’s!! 

What are you sewing on these days?  Gifts?


Friday, November 23, 2012

The Queen Mother


Someone asked me in a comment where I do my quilting.  I use my Bernina 640 in my sewing room, to do my quilting on smaller projects like Schnibbles, Little Bites, table runners, pillows, wall hangings, purses and totes.  This is the room you usually see in my blog posts with Yogi snoozing away in his bed up on my sewing table.


But, when I need to quilt anything bigger, I’m in the home office across the hall from my sewing room…  where The Queen Mother resides!!


This is Her Royal Highness, The Queen Mother!!


She’s a HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit Down Machine.  She came with the table she sits down into…but I wanted more support, so I have two little tables one on each side of her.


One day, when I find the room, she may turn into a long arm!  Maybe in our forever house!


So, where do you quilt your projects?  Do you quilt your own smaller projects and then pay a long arm quilter to do the rest for you?  Most of my friends do that!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!!

I hope you have a most wonderful

Thanksgiving day with family and dear friends!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Squirrel Surgery

Yogi sure does love him some Squirrel.


He has lots of toys but always goes back to the squirrel ones.


(image from Google)

He is not destructive at all with his toys…


he is super gentle with them.


But when he gets in a tugging match with my husband or sons,


an arm or leg or tail usually gets torn off or is left hanging by a few threads.


Then I find little balls of polyfill stuffing all over the floor…


so then it’s time for-


   Squirrel Surgery!


Yogi watches me verrrry closely


while I re-attach an arm or stitch up a big hole.


Then when I’m done and give it back to him,


he is so gentle and caring.


He licks it all over…


and invariably get’s fuzz on his tongue…


which he tries to get off by rubbing his tongue over his nose!!  YECKKKKK!


Both my sons and their girls will be at the girl’s homes for Thanksgiving this year, so my dear husband and I are on our own!


I think it will be a very quiet and  relaxed day for us.  I am still going to make a small turkey and all the trimmings, but only for two!!

(image from Google)

So, I should not be too tired to get lots of Christmas decorating done on Black Friday and over the weekend!!  Woo hoo!!

Sooo, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?


AccuQuilt News

AccuQuilt has asked us bloggers who have participated in their givaways, blog hops and other online activities to let you all know that they have some fun things planned to kick off the busy holiday season!
To kick off Black Friday week, AccuQuilt has some exciting holiday deals planned for all of this week leading into Cyber Monday.
So, click on the link above on this post or later on my side bar to get to their web site for these awesome pre-holiday sales!
sew cool!
(image from Pinterest)
So, what are you up to this week besides Thanksgiving on Thursday?  I’m going to continue making my family and friends' gifts for Christmas.  I won’t be able to show them to you here if they read my blog… sigh… but will do at a later time!
Are you going out to hit the Black Friday sales??