Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans We Love

Happy Veterans Day to my hero… my wonderful Daddy who will be 95 this month!! 

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This is my parents on their wedding day!!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I’m Still Here!!

First off, thank you ever so much for the emails and sweet comments from you all!!  I appreciated every single one!  They really brightened my days so much!!
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I was so mad at my orthopedic surgeon, back when he told me that the second knee replacement can be even more difficult than the first, because everyone else like my PT and friends who have had both knees done separately, all told me the exact opposite.
Well, he was right… at least this time with my second total knee replacement.  This second recovery has been very different than the first… and not in a good way.  Sigh…
But, I finally feel like I’ve turned the corner.
happy monkey
I’ve finally made it upstairs!  Yay!!
grinning girl
And I’ve put the walker away and am using only a cane… although not real steady with it yet!
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But, even with all this drama, I do have a quilt to show you!!
File Nov 03, 4 09 37 PM
I made the top before I had the surgery, and had a dear friend spray baste the quilt sandwich, instead of pinning it, like usual.
File Nov 03, 4 12 17 PM
I’ve been hand quilting it in the Big Stitch style for the last two weeks.
File Nov 03, 4 10 48 PM
I’ve really enjoyed using the thicker thread and hand stitching 1/4” around the inside of each leaf, and then stitched in some freeform curved lines in the background.
File Nov 03, 4 09 56 PM
I finished the binding and label today!  Yay!!
File Nov 03, 4 12 05 PM
I am ready to get back in my sewing room for longer periods of time… I can handle about an hour with my leg down, then I have to go back down and put my leg up and pack on some ice.
File Nov 03, 4 12 34 PM
But, I am getting there!  Slowly but surely… one day at a time!!
File Nov 03, 4 11 53 PM
Yogi has been patient with me during the rehabbing.  But I think he can’t wait to get back up in his bed on my sewing table, too!!
So, what have you all been up to these last three weeks??