Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break

It’s sooooooo nice, or should I say SEWWWWW nice to be off from work!  The trees here in northern Virginia are in full bloom and the lovely lime green film of pollen is beginning to cover all horizontal spaces outside….aaaaachooooo!!
so for me, another good reason to stay inside and in my sewing room!!  I live on antihistamines in spring…and  summer…and fall…sigh…
So, for the first two days of our spring break,
Yogi and I are holed up in my sewing room finishing my next set of projects for the Moda Bake Shop.  The two piece project sorta grew as I went… to another 5 piece design set!!  :-)
Soooooo, what does your sewing space look like when you in in the middle of a project???
Do you listen to music while you sew, or have a movie or show on the tube in the background?  I have a very old little TV/VCR device in my sewing room that a few years ago, I attached a tiny DVD player to… and I have a nice collection of chick flicks in my sewing room.  I rarely look up at the screen… but can sure rattle off the scripts for most all my favorites films!!  How about you??
Yogi usually just sleeps as I sew…or looks out the window at the back yard.  Those darn squirrels!!  They just torment him constantly!! When  he’s not in the sewing room, he loves to sit in the front doorway and watch those punk squirrels cavort around out front!  He has evil plans for them…
P.S. FINALLY saw the hand doctor and sure enough I need a little 10 minute surgery to release the tissue at the base of my thumb that is making the tendons catch...but of course, he can't fit me into his surgery schedule for another 3 WEEKS!!!!!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrr!  :-(


  1. Good Morning Polly Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share this morning. I love the blooms, but after visiting Maryland last year at this time, I learned all about that green stuff, and came back to Arizona one sick pup. I would have to live inside as well.

    I love your work area, and I also love that Yogi can stay right there and watch over your work. He is SO precious. Love the little face. We don't have squirrels in my area of Phoenix to tease my Boston Terrier, Bruiser, but the pigeons sure drive him nuts. He chases them all day. He truly believes that is his job. Keeping them out of the yard.

    You have such a nice BIG work area. I love that you can cut and sew and not have to move anything around. A lovely work space sweet friend. Thank you for sharing this morning.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. My sewing space is a bit of a mess during a project. I usually have music playing and the dogs are scattered around the room.

  3. Hi Polly,

    How is your trigger finger? Did the doctor help you?

    I see you have your very own "live" entertainment, well when Yogi isn't resting. (o:

    Oh those squirrels, their main purpose in life is to annoy the doggies.

    Heaps of hugs and have a wonderful week off.

    The nasty yellow pollen is gone - thank goodness, that is nasty stuff.

  4. Hi Polly,
    How's the thumb?? Hope the doc could help.
    Love your new look blog.
    Sorry you are allergic to all that pretty bloom but as you say. What a good excuse to stay locked in the sewing room. Yes like you I have a small telly etc and just have it on for backgound noise.
    Yogi is just so cute. either in his basket or at the door.

  5. Very nice, Polly. Love those dogwood blooms. My (one and only dogwood) is still in bud form in Ohio. Looks like at least a week out. We've had so much rain that I wonder it's not waterlogged.

    I'm constantly re-organizing my sewing space. I have an entire room at present, and I alternate b/t sewing, knitting and papercrafts. Love Yogi curled up in his little bed. Sweet.

  6. I love Dogwood trees! Out here we have the white variety. They all are so beautiful. Thank goodness I am not affected by the pollen. Nice to see you and Yogi (uhum) are hard at work for another MBS masterpiece group!

  7. LOL! What pretty pictures! I like to have chick flicks going on in the backround as I sew. Thanks to my friend. Teresa, I've added the Twilight dvd's to my collection.

  8. You have a lovely sewing space! Mine is usually a bit messy when I'm in the middle of a project, but like to completely tidy up and put away before I start a new one.
    My two dogs and cat always like to sleep on their little beds and listen to classical music while I sew! we're all happy with that arrangement LOL!

  9. In the middle of a project there is fabric every where. Usually you can not see the table. Well let me clarify what a project is....hmmmm.....several different quilting projects going on at once is more like it! I just keep pushing things off to the side and stack it up higher and higher....When I can't stand it anymore I do a big clean up and start over again. PS. Your pup is so cute!

  10. My sewing space doesn't look as cute as yours when I'm sewing because I don't have a cute pup curled up on the table. Yogi can come live me anytime.

    I'm so sorry that you're going to have to wait 3 weeks. I hope you're not in any pain.

  11. My sewing space doesn't look that good when I'm not sewing:) I listen to quilting podcasts or audiobooks on my Ipod when I'm sewing. I use an old classic Ipod. It lives in the sewing room. There are some books that I know the next line before they say it, too:) So glad that you are having a break. Loved your last Moda Bake Shop projects. Glad to hear that more are planned. Glad to hear they will fix your hand problem. Too bad it couldn't be NOW. Happy Easter! Love your new banner!

  12. Polly, I am so glad you were able to see the Dr and he has a quick fix for you. Sorry you have to wait so long though!

    What kind of tree is that on your post? I just love it!

    I like to listen to music while I sew.


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