Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not My thing…

Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile now, probably remember that years ago, before moving here to northern Virginia, I was a doll maker. 

frog witch

I used to design doll patterns and create dolls and critters and sell them at local craft fairs in south Florida, for many years.


When we moved here to Clifton, my day job- teaching special ed, involved allot more of my time in the evenings and weekends…

ballet angel

so I closed down my doll business, but needed something new to do.  That’s when I got into quilting. Smile


Last month, when I moved the old chest of drawers out of the spare closet and into the new guest room, I went through the drawers and found some old Daisy Kingdom doll kits I‘ve had for 20 years. 

pie safe top

So, as I decorate my house with Raggedies for the summer months, I decided to make up the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls to put in the family room.

raggedy anna may

It’s funny how our bliss can change as we age.  I used to love making dolls and was pretty good at it!


But boy has that ever changed!  I soooo did NOT enjoy making these two dolls…


I kept thinking it was such a waste of time…


of what quilt I could be making… I need to make my Schnibbles quilt for June!! 


But I persevered, and finished the Raggedies!


And they are sitting together on a twig loveseat by the fireplace!!  Helping us celebrate summer!!


Soooo, what are you up to these warm summer days??? 


Yogi says HI!!!



  1. They are adorable! And I'm sure they appreciate being brought to life. Our tastes do change, and your now make beautiful quilts instead!!

  2. They are darling dolls! I am a quilter too. But I have become so involved in crochet and knitting in the last couple of years, that my quilting has taken a back seat. I still do it, just not as much.

  3. Gorgeous dolls! I think it is nice to revisit a craft of the past ... your quilting will still be there:)

  4. Love the dolls! I make dolls too and sometimes it is just nice to work on a different project other than quilting and just think - You just finished a 20 year old UFO :)

  5. I too used to make dolls, but like you time and quilting took over. I adore the new additions to your family, bet you are glad they have come to stay after 20 years.

  6. Hi Yogi, it looks like it's "sleepy time" for you.

    Love your creations - especially that bunny.

    Happy weekend.


  7. Polly, your raggedies are adorable! Love Yogi.
    Have a great weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  8. Was only thinking about you today Polly and then you popped up..

    Glad you rinshed Andy and Annie as they look good sitting together in the chair.

    I am working on my quilt tops for Aussie Heros tonight..

  9. those dolls looks great. It is funny how our ideas of fun change.

  10. Doll making is definitely an artform in itself! I have never made one, always wanted to try and have one Gail Wilson kit, but it has been sitting in my sewing room for well over a year! I just don't want to create a monster LOL! so I will leave it a bit longer LOL!!!! Your dolls are quite a work of art, I think it's great that you can have them out for everyone to enjoy!!!!! It's winter here, and not a lot going on lately!!!!!

  11. Love them!! They are sooo cute!! I wish you were selling some by me!

  12. Polly the dolls are really cute. I am glad you perservered! I finished the little quilt to put over the dog kennel in the camper. It looks really cute.
    Count down is really getting short now!
    Ladybug Cottage
    At the moment we are on vacation I have been blogging each day. This seems to get easier.


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