Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back To School … already???

Well, I am pumped!!  And not because of all the Olympics I’ve been watching every night!!
I designed and made a new table topper mini-quilt for my new metal stand to put out for September!!
OK, let me ‘splain… 
I grew up in Florida where there is pretty much no naturally visible change of seasons.  So, I always switched out my décor in the house seasonally… to remind us that it indeed is a new season! 
Then, that habit was further ingrained in my brain because every month, as an elementary school teacher, all the bulletin boards in my room had to be changed out, too.
So, I change out my décor at home a bit more than seasonally…but not quite every month!!
But, I definitely take down all my summer décor (patriotic flags, Raggedies, watermelon, ants) a few days before I would go back to work for a new school year.  It always helped me get my mind straight and ready to go back to work after summer break.
Now, I am retired!!  This will be the first fall that I don’t go back to work/school!!  But I still plan to change out my décor and put out my Back To School stuff!  Maybe then it will really hit me, that I am retired!!  Because I really don’t feel it yet!! 
I’ve also collected LOTS of school themed fabric over the years, so will be making some new lap quilts to out out in September, too!!  Better get busy, huh???
Yogi’s doing allot of spyin’ on those sneaky squirrels out on the deck, from his bed on my sewing table!   Soooo, what are you working on this summer??


  1. Love your new mini quilt. Love that it catches the theme of back to school really well. Haven't seen a lot of school themed quilts that really catch my eye but yours does.

  2. Polly, that is adorable! Perhaps you should make up a pattern for this. It would be a huge seller! I love it. You did a fabulous job!!!
    Happy Retirement!!!!
    XO Kris

  3. Do you know how gorgeous this is? This is how you supplement your retirement should design patterns, kits, etc...I think this would be a winner! It is a wow! table quilt!

  4. This is so cute! Would have looked great displayed in your classroom too - but retirement is probably very bittersweet for you. I'm just a "tired" educator! Enjoy that retirement.

  5. Wow Polly! This is just so adoreable! I can't wait to get my frame!

  6. Polly I love this little quilt! I finished covering my chair and I love how it came out. I will post pictures of my projects soon.
    I promised myself I would not think about school until Aug first so my mind is shifting from vacation to school.

  7. You do some wonderfully creative work Polly, and this latest offering is just so cute and beautifully put together!!!
    You probably just feel like you are on holiday at the moment, it'll sink in eventually.....

  8. I LOVE IT AUNT P! My kit and stand are ordered and I was already scheming ways to keep little quilts on it year-round too! I have a few designs in my head for when it gets here! Mine are back-ordered though, so it'll be a few weeks.

  9. I left teaching about 15 years ago, but I do relate so much to what you say about the seasons change but more exactly, the start of school. That time of year never goes 'away' for a teacher, retired or not. Love your new hanging.

  10. Such a darling little quilt. Enjoy your retirement, you have earned it. My little Rusty would love to catch a squirrel., but the chase is fun.

  11. Your new Mini Quilt looks great on your the stand..
    I was a little worried when I first saw the title.I thought you had changed your mind and gone back to work......
    Hi Yogi,do ever chase those squirrels??


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