Saturday, January 31, 2009

Poor Lil' Guy!

Our sweet Westie named Yogi tore his ACL 2 weeks ago chasing a toy accross the slippery kitchen floor. He had surgery on Tuesday and came home on Wednesday. He has to be coralled on carpeted floor with no stairs...hard to find in my house! So, while we're at work, he is in the powder room with the tile floor covered with rugs and a pallet in front of the window. It is soooo hard to watch him hobble around on three legs.... we're having to carry him outside to potty....and the ground is still covered with ice and snow.... poor guy! He has a bed on my sewing table, so he spent the afternoon sleeping there while I finished a snowman panel lap quilt. All I had to do was to machine applique a mitten in each corner! Love using fusible and then machine blanket stiching around the quick!
Now, I'm starting a wall-hanging made with 2" squares. It's a snowman peeking out of a tall window. I've got about half of the squares cut out and am using up stash scraps. Then you lay them out to make the quilt on fusible quilter grid. Then you sew 1/4" seam on all the seams going horizontal, clip the seam intersections then sew all the vertical ones... so much easier than sewing the squares one at a time to each other. I've been making themed wallhangings for a small wall in my kitchen since last summer. I've made a beach one, an apple one, Halloween one, a fall leaf one and a Santa one. The wall's been bare since I took the Santa one need to get this snowman done quickly! Then start thinking about what I can make for spring... any ideas?


  1. Poor guy! I have 2 cairn terriers so I understand how difficult it is to keep him sedentary and how difficult it is to see him so inactive. Hope he feels better soon!

  2. Hi,
    I was looking and clicking on the quilting bloggers, so I got to your blog.
    Sorry to hear from your dog Yogi. Hope he gets well soon!
    Saskia (from the Netherlands)


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