Monday, January 25, 2016

Blizzard Busyness!!

Yep, not that it was EVER on my bucket list, but I've now been in a blizzard!!

I've never seen snow coming down that long and  with that much wind!  Yikes!

While snow is special and pretty...this much is a big pain in the butt!!  There's just no where to put it all...

We are all land (snow) locked here in our neighborhood!!  Everyone's drive ways and sidewalks are all cleared by us homeowners...  but our street still has 34" of snow so no one can even get out of our driveways!!

 All of which, has involved lots of hot beverages and given me lots of time to sew!!  Yeah, baby!!

If you remember, our local quilt guild has a year long UFO activity.  I turned in my list of 15 UFO's in October.  These snowed-in days have allowed me to complete five projects that I can cross off my list!!  I had completed several stitchery hand projects while stuck in my chair with the knee surgeries, that I finally finished up.  Yay!

I made small pillows that will sit nicely on my library shelves!  This one is Henny Penny!

This little pumpkin one will be great this fall!!

And this big Halloween one will come out in October!!

And this last one will be just perfect on my couch come December!!

I also finished this charm square quilt called Oops-A-Dasiy!  

Can you tell I love rickrack???  LOL!!
I designed and started this quilt before we even moved to this house...over two years ago!

so I am very happy it is finally finished!!

Yogi is not liking all this snow!!  It's so high, that when he is outside on the walk, driveway or sidewalks, he is fenced in like a tall maze... he keeps trying to find the grass...

But he is wondering what all y'all are working on these days?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Keeping Busy!!

I started doing some hand embroidery while recuperating from my knee surgeries.  I love these seasonal Kathy Schmitz designs.

These four designs are embroidery in the center, surrounded by a bit of piecing and then an actual tiny mini-quilt attached in the center.

I first did the embroidery on the autumn quilt... you know how much I love fall!!

It went much faster than I thought, and as I was still not able to do the piecing part, I then started on the winter embroidery design.

That went faster than I thought it would, too! :-)

So, then I started making the pieced border and paper pieced tiny mini-quilt, for the winter scene, because I wanted to get it hung on the wall for this season!!

I am very pleased with how it turned out!  And I love the bird hanger, too!!

After I got the winter wall quilt finished, I worked on the border piecing and center tiny mini-quilt for the autumn design.

I am so glad I decided to use stash scraps in seasonal colors to make the borders and center quilt, rather than do them all in the same black and tan mini-prints.

I think the colors add so much and you KNOW my motto, right?

Life's too short not to use all the colors you can!!

Yogiboy says hello and wonders what you all are working on these days!! (Ya gotta love that tiny pink tongue sticking out, right!!)

Friday, January 1, 2016

I can’t believe it’s really already 2016!!  So many things to get done in this new year…

But first, Yogi and I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!!