Monday, September 30, 2013

Mercy, Mercy Me!!

This month’s Schnibble pattern- “Mercerie” was really fun to put together!


I named my version “Mercy, Mercy, ME !”  The song refrain played in my mind when I read the pattern name…


I love the design and decided to enlarge it from the original 16 blocks to 32 blocks using all the charm squares in the two packs!


I used the Moda “Modern Workshop” collection with a favorite background fabric with lots of great words printed on it from the ”Make Life” collection.


I made the quilt double in length, so it is a large table runner!!


The backing is a fun pennant print!


Next up?  A few functional things for the new house!  We HATE being able to see  all the cords behind the TV unit, so I will make a black sheath to hang behind it to hide the cords…


What are you up to this week???


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Welcome to My House!

We’ve been in our new house since August 3rd, and although it is still a work in progress, we have gotten allot done!


I love having a two story foyer! I never have until now!


The space is so light & airy!


From the front door, you can look right through the house to the woods out back through the morning room windows!


We looked for homes with no formal separate living room or dining room…but to no avail. 


We rarely used our living room or dining room in our previous homes, so we decided to use the room designated as the living room in this house as the home office-


and the dining room as my library!!


I do love to read and have accumulated tons of books over the years!!


The library has all of the cottage decor stuff I kept from my previous home.  You can go from the foyer through the office and library into the kitchen.


Or, you can walk straight down the foyer hall and get to the kitchen, family room and the morning room that way!


Everyone loves this part of our home.


This is the HEART of our new home- the rooms we live in!!


The kitchen is big and light and fantastic!!


This is my first house with gas cooking and I  love it!!  I love the big island and the big picture window over the sink which looks out onto the back yard, firepit and woods.


The model of this house used the living room and dining rooms as they were supposed to be and the morning room was decorated like a den with couches. 


But our morning room is our dining room.  We love the big bright windows and the view of the new patio, back yard and woods beyond!!


I love the one painted accent wall!  I think the Granny Smith Apple green we painted it is just perfect!!


We are building a stone patio out back and just now can finally use the back door from the morning room as the stairs down to the patio were just finished!


The patio is almost done and the furniture for it will be delivered next week.  I’ll post more pictures of it then!


The family room furniture is new and all are recliner seats from Lazyboy!  The family all love this!!


The red wall gives the room such a cozy feeling!


We are looking for some more cool clocks to add to the red wall on both sides of the big black one!


Upstairs, the master bedroom is behind double doors on the left!


We ditched our old cheap bedroom furniture-


and bought a big beautiful new set! 


I wasn’t sure I’d like my Caribbean blue quilt and shams on it, but I do!!


And the big airy bathroom is so sparkling white!!


I bought a dark shelf unit and bright towels to give it a burst of color!!


We have a terrific closet here, too.


We bought and assembled the closet furniture from Ikea!!


My DIL’s both want to live in our closet!!  LOL!


Across the landing from the master bedroom is a big linen closet holding allot of my quilts, then the laundry room!!


Not too much to look at, it is so convenient upstairs!  It has a sink and cabinets, too!!


Next is the guest bathroom-  we call it Yogi’s room!!  I love it!  See?  I really am trying to get to know orange!!  LOL!!


Next to it, is the guest room!!


Al says it’s too girly, but I think it’s quaint!


It has a great view of the back woods!


We have an extra room upstairs that is pretty much empty at this point!  And then comes my sewing room!  I’ve still got a few more things to get done in my sewing room before I do the reveal!  And then the basement downstairs also has a bit more tweaking!! So that’s it for now!!


Yogi is doing really well here!  He seems to have settled right in and feels quite at home!!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finally Done!!

I finished hand sewing down the binding and label on my August Schnibble at bee yesterday!!  YAAAAYYY!


I really like the cute basket design!! 


And I think the soft pastel fabrics in the Watercolor Garden collection is so perfect for Carrie’s basket design!!


And I made it with a special person in mind who will get it for Christmas!! 


I use many of the monthly Schnibbles these past three years as presents for family and friends for Christmas!!  So this fun activity is a twofer!!


I am just dying to make a new Halloween quilt! I’m seeing a few leaves turning here which always puts me in the Halloween mood!!  I realllly love the fall season!!


But it’s already over a week into September, so I will make this month’s Schnibble FIRST, then will make the Halloween quilt!!


I am really liking this Schnibble “Mercerie”!!


Of course, mine will be a tad more modern than the one on the cover…


Just have to show you this pix of us watching football on Sunday afternoon.   We all have our laptops or phone apps open to follow our family fantasy football teams.  And see who is napping on my DIL’s lap???


What are you up to this week???