Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finally Done!!

I finished hand sewing down the binding and label on my August Schnibble at bee yesterday!!  YAAAAYYY!


I really like the cute basket design!! 


And I think the soft pastel fabrics in the Watercolor Garden collection is so perfect for Carrie’s basket design!!


And I made it with a special person in mind who will get it for Christmas!! 


I use many of the monthly Schnibbles these past three years as presents for family and friends for Christmas!!  So this fun activity is a twofer!!


I am just dying to make a new Halloween quilt! I’m seeing a few leaves turning here which always puts me in the Halloween mood!!  I realllly love the fall season!!


But it’s already over a week into September, so I will make this month’s Schnibble FIRST, then will make the Halloween quilt!!


I am really liking this Schnibble “Mercerie”!!


Of course, mine will be a tad more modern than the one on the cover…


Just have to show you this pix of us watching football on Sunday afternoon.   We all have our laptops or phone apps open to follow our family fantasy football teams.  And see who is napping on my DIL’s lap???


What are you up to this week???



  1. The colors are perfect for that basket quilt, it's so pretty. Your family picture made me laugh, we do the same thing with ipads on and ready.

  2. The basket quilt turned out so beautifully! I also like your fabrics for the newest Schnibbles. That is going to be so cute.

    Football looks pretty comfortable in the new digs.

  3. I love the basket quilt - traditional with a modern look. Very cute. I like making these small quilts, but don't know what to do with them when finished. Polly what do you do with all the ones you make?

  4. Who ever receives this quilt is one lucky person. Barbara babscorbitt@ gmail dot com

  5. Gorgeous finish...did you ever find you missing item for your sewing room?when you finished unpacking.

  6. How pretty! The on point setting and the top/bottom borders really set off the pretty baskets.

  7. Love the quilt, love the colors, love Yogi....BTW which legs are yours??? HeHeHe

  8. Love your basket quilt the pastel colours are so pretty. It is a different age with iPads etc. Murray and I know each have one . I got mine first then my husband liked it so much we got him one. Yogi is looking right at home these days.

  9. The pastel colours are perfect, your finished Schnibble is gorgeous!!

  10. Beautiful Schnibbles! Love seeing your family relaxing together too.

  11. Beautiful quilt--someone will be receiving a very special Christmas gift!

  12. I love it!!!!

    PS Wait till you see October's pattern...oh my goodness!

  13. Your baskets are so sweet and the green looks like a trellis. I always love what you come up with... especially loving the looks of your Halloween Schnibbles!


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