Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Can you believe it’s already Halloween??
Where the heck did October go? 
I mean, I know it was a busy month for me, with my dear family coming to visit…
but already, that seems like years ago!!
Our new neighborhood is teeming with children and infants, so it will really be a fun night for us.
Except, Yogi never liked Halloween night with the doorbell ringing and strange sights, sounds, and smells! 
So, we will keep him inside and sit on the front porch and give out candy to avoid the doorbells!
I’m going to carve some pumpkins for the first time in years this afternoon!!
I used to put our six large tubs of Halloween decor at our old house.  You can see it HERE!
But I’ve gotten it down to only 2 tubs now!!
Just a few things here or there!
I did find some awesome new apple green throw pillows for the family room.
I think they will be perfect all the way through Christmas!!
So, I’m off to do some creative pumpkin carving!
Hope you have a wonderfully wicked night!

Monday, October 28, 2013

October Schnibble Done!

I finished the Schnibble for October yesterday!


I named mine “Four Patch in the Grass”, because it would make such a cute picnic blanket!!


The name of this pattern is “Clover”…


because Carrie says she needed her Clover seam ripper so much!  LOL!


This is a pattern you must layout completely on a design wall or available space and sew each square together one at a time.


And because Carrie explained in her directions why the pattern was named “Clover”, it made me be extra careful when removing the blocks from the wall and assembling each row.


Even so, I did have to use my seam ripper a few times!


And having to drape my old design wall fabric over the front of my two bookcases to create a quick design wall to use to lay it out, reminded me to get busy and get a design wall up in my sewing room!!


My new Vanishing Design Wall arrived today.  I will paint it white tomorrow before I hang it on the wall above my closet doors in my sewing room.


I’ll take pix and post them when it’s done!!


What are you working on this week?  Yogi’s working on getting as high on the couch as possible…which with these couches is the arm rest… LOL!!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Catching Up!!

I have to apologize for being such a bad blogger lately!!!


So much has gone on here in the last few weeks!!


Last week, my three sisters and dear brother –in-law came to visit us!  It was the first time they had seen our new house, so the week before I spent doing things to finish up the house in readiness for them!!


I made two batik curtain valances for our master bathroom.  We never liked how the top of the windows looked with the honeycomb shades, so the bright batik really make them pop!!


I made them pointed on the bottom and added small buttons at each point!!


I also made a new wall quilt to hang over the fireplace mantle where the poppy quilt was!


I’ve decided to make more quilts exactly the same size,


so I won’t have to put any holes in the wall there when changing out the quilts!!


I made a fall tree quilt and used the “Holding On” pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts as a guide!  I changed it up a bit!!  LOL!!


I did lots of fun stitching on the tree for the bark and on the leaves, too!!


I put out my Halloween things, too.  If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you will know how much I love Halloween and how much stuff I used to put out!

family room

(old photo from old house)

I went from 7 big plastic storage tubs of decor down to three!!  I’ll do a post showing this soon!!


Then while my family was here, we did some shopping  and lots of visiting and eating and card paying!!  Such low key fun!  But we did not remember to take a single photo!!  Arghhhh!!


Then last weekend I took an intro class on EQ7 through our local guild!  Wanna hear how bad I am???  I bought EQ4 years ago, installed it and used it like once!  Then  I bought the EQ5 upgrade, and then the EQ6 upgrade and then the EQ7 upgrade…never used them at all!  How ridiculous is this???  So this morning I installed EQ7 and am determined to use it this time!!


I also started the October Schnibble- “Clover”! 


It’s essentially a granny square design!!


I used an older Moda collection called Hideaway!


As I still don’t have a design wall up, I took the old one and draped it over the front of my two book cases and laid out the Schnibble on that!


I have ordered the Vanishing Design Wall to put over my closet as a second design wall that will face my sewing machine…and still plan to put up the bigger one on the wall behind my sewing machine…  just need to get the 6’ square piece of foam insulation board to wrap the fabric around before mounting it on the wall!!


I’ve got the Schnibble top about two thirds done!!  Will be going back up to sew some more on it this afternoon!!


ANDDDD, I got a new car!!!!  YAY!!


A Nissan Juke!!  I named her Tadpole!!


She is black with black and red interior!!


Such a peppy fun car!!  Been loving the model since it came out 2 years ago!!


So, it’s been a super busy last three weeks!!  What have you been up to???