Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Text Tuesday- Halloween Decor!!

I love autumn and I adore Halloween!!

Love this witch wreath!!

My witch cat and her best friend Ghostie!

Wanda Witch is still in her bathrobe and curlers!!

Love this Turning Twenty quilt!

Antique ladder with my Spinning Windows quilt!

My goofy mantle Jack!

The Barker Boys Ghost!

The Pumpkin Goblin and his Mummy!

Up on the pie safe , pumpkins pause...

Gertie Ghost and her baby!

My award winning Frog Witch!

Wilma witch and her spiderettes!

My front door Frankie!

Dem bones, dem bones...

If the shoes fit...

Spooky Goofy Jacko!

Eat your veggies!

The witchy kitchen!

My kitchen scarecrow with crows!

Love those costumed spiders!

Fridge guardian witch!

Mt most favorite cookie jar!

That baker's rack is cookin'!

Scary, scary! Screamie, Screamie!

Happy, Happy Halloweenie!!


  1. Oh my word, Polly - WHAT FUN!!!!!!!

    I have gone through your wonderful photos THREE times already admiring all your FUN decorations.

    You are my new Halloween Hero. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful house dec'd out for Halloween.

  2. Just adorable stuff for Halloween decoration!! I like the witchy kitchen decor and goofy mantle Jack so much!!

  3. I love your Halloween decoration - reminds me to get mine out too ;-)

  4. Wow, your halloween decor is gorgeous. All the quilts and decorations are so nice, but the pumpkin spooky one is really cute!


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