Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our Haymarket Museum Quilt Show

Our local quilt guild chapter, Haymarket Quilters Unlimited, has a little quilt show going on this month.

We have a wonderful committee of girls who collected the quilts and set up the displays and manned the weekend hours.

The quilt show name is "Quilting Colorful Seasons of Love".

So the committee collected quilted items for each season and holiday.

The Haymarket Museum is right downtown and was originally a very small clapboard church.

And when I say small...I am not kidding. 

When our local wonderful quilt shop, Oh Sew Persnickety,  got in the new Tula Pink fabric collection, Slow and Steady, I fell in love!!

So, I just had to make it up in a quilt!!

I love, love, love the cheddary orange print, so I used it for the background.

It's a simple design made of traditional blocks by May Chappell called "Squiggly Bits".

It was a fun and easy quilt to piece!      

Just a few new pix of my adorable grandson, Neal!!

He is so very precious...

and so very, very  loved!!

Yogi has met Neal, but with his almost total loss of hearing and limited vision, he wasn't too interested until Neal started crying loudly.  Then Yogi started looking around, as he can not tell anymore where loud noises are coming from. :-(

Now that Halloween is over, the holidays always seem to rush up on us!!  Are you madly sewing up gifts by now?  I am!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sew & Tell

I felt I needed some wall quilts to put out with my September school decor, so I started by making a cool pencil quilt for the wall by the kitchen!

I wanted primary colors... but wish I'd chosen two lime greens with less value different between them.  I really love the architect handwriting fabric I used for the background!!

Do you do that?  I always find myself critiquing my quilts when they are done... shoulda, woulda, coulda...

The pencil points were done with paper piecing... and I still don't enjoy doing paper piecing at all. YUCK! 

It takes forever as it is so counter-intuitive to me!!  But it certainly ensures perfect piecing and points.

Then I needed a new quilt for over the fireplace.

So I designed and created my BAA (big ass apple) quilt.

This took forever, too... auditioning fabrics for the apple.

I made the pieced background and free-motion quilted a stipple all over it first.

Then I appliqued the tree branch and leaves and apple on top!

I sketched out the apple on paper first with crayons, and the leaves were originally the correct size for the apple...

but when I made them that big on the background, they really took away from the apple, which I wanted to be the focal I made them much smaller.

I am happy with the way it turned out and I got lots of compliments on it!!

I also have a new antique child's school desk, that my dear sister Sally gave me. I cleaned it up and it sits now in front of my quilt ladder in the family room.

I put a pencil and apple and a stack of vintage Dick and Jane books on it!!

It's all put away now, as all my Halloween decor is out!  YAY!

Yogi wants to know what you are working on these fall days? 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Grammie Here!!

Yep!  Finally!!  I'm officially a grandmother! Grammie here!!

My son Anthony and his wife Leah, had their beautiful son a week ago today!!

Meet Neal Wesley Monica!!

Yes, I'm slightly prejudiced, but he is so very BEAUTIFUL!  Just like his Daddy!!

We stayed in Philly after his birth for several nights until they came home from the hospital, and got settled in!!

We Facetime with them often and get to see Neal, and notice how different he looks each time!! 

I did take a few photos during the Kaffe Fassett lecture I attended a bit ago.

I had seen him do a trunk show about 9 years ago and took at class with him then, too.

This lecture was good- he spoke of his love of color and where he gets his inspirations from...

but we didn't get to see any of his quilts, which disappointed us all.

So,what are you up to lately?  Yogi is just dying to know!!