Monday, April 14, 2014

I’m on the Moda Bake Shop today!


My “Sew Busy!” sewing room organizer collection is published on the Moda Bake Shop today!!

I really fell in love with Moda’s Sewing Box collection by Gina Martin.

Sewing Box Charm Pack by Gina Martin for Moda

I created an eight piece sewing organizer set using this fun collection including-

a sewing machine cover…


a mat for your machine to sit upon with lots of pockets for holding notions, bobbins and feet…


a versatile caddy to use by your machine, on your ironing board, or on your chair arm in front of the TV…


a cover for a tabletop tub to hold scissors, rulers and such…


a pin cushion to tie onto your sewing machine and a smaller one to use anywhere…


a chatelaine to wear around your neck while sewing with a pin cushion on one end and scissors on the other end…


a needle book for sewing on the go to hold needles and pins!!


So, PLEASE go HERE to check them all out on The Moda Bake Shop, and leave a comment there, then come back here and tell me what you REALLY think!!! 

Pretty please??!!


Even Yogi starred in a few photos in the instructions as he snoozes away in his bed on my sewing table!!


So, what are you up to this fine spring day???


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Schnibble Done!

This month’s Schnibble, Hook, was quite a challenge with all the bias edged triangles to keep from stretching!

Photo Mar 25, 10 32 57 AM

I used 2 charm packs from an older Moda collection called “Urban Couture”.

Photo Mar 25, 10 31 00 AM

And I was soooo happy to find enough of the green fabric from the collection on  Etsy to buy for the background!! 

Photo Mar 25, 10 30 29 AM

I really love it when Carrie uses the leftover fabric bits for a scrappy pieced border!!

Photo Mar 25, 10 31 08 AM

I found an even older piece of floral in my stash for the backing!!  I named it “Stars in the Meadow”!

Photo Mar 25, 10 31 46 AM

I had a triangle ruler to use for cutting out the star spokes, but it was a much larger ruler than was needed.  So, I was about to scour my notions drawer to find that thin bright neon removable tape to mark the 3 1/4” line on the ruler, when I spied the thick dimensional purple tape stuck on the side of my machine that I occasionally use to mark the seam allowance line on the machine foot plate.

Photo Mar 25, 11 15 53 AM

It was actually perfect to use on the 3 1/4” line on the back of my triangle ruler, as being thicker than the tape, it provided a ledge for the edge of the strip set to bump up against!!

Photo Mar 25, 11 16 41 AM

Voila!!  A new use for something I already had!!  Don’t ya  just LOVE that when it happens??

Photo Mar 25, 11 16 34 AM

I used the amazing Waterloque app on my iPhone to turn a few more pix into lovely watercolored art!!

Photo Mar 25, 10 41 33 AM

Sigh… outside it is again snowing!  Only to get a few inches this time they say…  HOPE SO!!!

Photo Mar 25, 10 42 57 AM

Guess what Yoginess is doing as I post this???

Photo Mar 25, 10 42 30 AM


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pots of Spring!

Well, I am pleased with my “Pots of Spring” quilt!

Photo Mar 20, 10 32 24 AM

It is finished and up on the wall above the fireplace mantle in the family room!

Photo Mar 20, 10 32 52 AM (1)

It is a bit smaller than the other mantle quilts, so I had to use a different rod to put it up.  :-(

Photo Mar 20, 10 33 01 AM

Many have asked how my mantle quilts are hung on the wall.  We’ve tried hard NOT to put so many holes in the walls here in the new house. 

Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hanger

So, I found this system for hanging quilts using super strong magnets that are mounted on the wall using the Command Strips.

Photo Mar 19, 3 37 24 PM

(I apologize for the fuzziness of some of the photos!!  Pure laziness on my part… using my iPhone for the photos instead of my Nikon!!)

Photo Mar 19, 3 37 48 PM

I think the rod is causing the quilt to not hang straight…it is a telescoping rod with a slight dip in the middle, I think!!  Grrr!  :-(

Photo Mar 20, 10 32 31 AM

Making these appliqué quilts are a bit scary…

Photo Mar 20, 10 33 11 AM

Not the appliqué part, but the quilting part.


My process is this- I sketch out the pots/flowers/critters on the paper side of the fusible IN REVERSE, then cut each piece out about 1/4” outside the sketch lines.


I  then iron them onto the wrong side of the chosen fabrics and then cut them all out  ON the sketch lines. 


I place them on the pieced background and move them around until I have the final look I want.  Then I press them  ONTO the background.


I layer the top, batting and backing and pin the sandwich securely all over.


Now I start stitching around the edges of each fused piece- each leaf, stem, petal, etc.


I also stitch in the leaf vein lines and other sketch lines as desired.  I do start in the middle of the quilt and work my way out to the edges, but work on the appliquéd pieces first, and finish with the background around and between them.


So the background is poufy and dimensional when I start on it…which is really scary to see…  :-(


It is amazing how the quilting pulls it all in and  flat…  WHEW!!!  What if it didn’t?  YIKES!!!


On this quilt the background and pieced blocks on the edges are all stippled with a fairly small design!    And when it’s laying on a table, it is perfectly flat!!  YAY!!

Photo Mar 20, 10 01 37 AM (1)

So, although the forecast is calling for more snow on Tuesday here in VA, it may still be winter OUTSIDE,

Photo Mar 20, 10 01 21 AM (1)

but INSIDE the Monica home, it is truly spring!!  :-)

Photo Mar 20, 10 03 17 AM (1)

I put all my snowmen away yesterday and put out my spring stuff…bunnies galore!!

Photo Mar 20, 10 03 36 AM (1)

Has spring come to your neck of the woods??