Saturday, July 29, 2017

Where did June and July Go???

I really suck at blogging lately, huh?  I don't mean to, but I hate booting up my old laptop... which doesn't hold a charge well it's usually's just such an ordeal!! UGH!!  If I could post to my blog with photos on my iPad or iPhone, I'd post a whole lot more often...but Blogger doesn't play nice that way!! I therefore really understand why so many blogs have been closed as folks can easily post on Facebook or Instagram.  Anyhoo, life goes on, right? Thanks for sticking around!!

Ok, so I'll try to catch you up on stuff now!  First off, my whole family, hubby, both sons, wife, grandson and fiancee, we all went on a two week cruise. 

(The steps from the Game of Thrones "Walk of Shame" episode in Dubrovnik.)

that started in Venice, then went down around Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, Sicily, and back up the other side ending in Rome. 

The best part by far, was having the family all together for that long!!  The fact that the ship caught the Noro virus was not so fun... but the worst part was Italy in the summer with NO AC in Venice or Rome in the two airBNB's we rented that both advertised being air conditioned.  

Younger folk can handle the heat and sun, but I can't.  I was miserable.  Soooo very happy to be home with my wonderfully air conditioned home. 

Now, on to summer sewing, right?  I had in mind to spend the summer going through my stash of scraps and cutting them into usable shapes... like Bonnie Hunter does...have I done this?  NOPE!  Sigh... cutting is by far my LEAST favorite part of the quilting process...  what's yours?
   Well, I am happy to tell you that I did WIN the first prize for our guild UFO contest!  Woo hoo!!  Here are some of those completed UFO's!!

I finished my Lori Holt Cozy Christmas Sewalong quilt!  It was fun to do, for sure!  But, AFTER piecing the top, AFTER having it professionally quilted, AFTER binding and labeling it, a friend pointed out that there was a big mistake in it! See the bottom right block- the star points are flipped!  Grrrr!

Too bad!!  I wasn't gonna rip it out to fix it!!  Sigh!

Next, I finished this flannel quilt kit I bought from Keepsake over a year ago!  The pattern is called "Over and Under"

It is super warm and heavy, being all made from the Woolies flannel collection!

I really love it!  It will be wonderful for those cold November nights!

I finished this rail fence quilt made from jelly rolls. 

I really love making traditional blocks with modern fabrics, don't you?

The fabric collection used is called Type, and is several years old by now!

I also finished a quilt for my dear Mother.  My maiden name is Bond, and I have three sisters, so when I saw this pattern, called BFF Forever,  at our  local quilt show a few years ago, I knew it would be a perfect gift for my Mother!!

I named it "The Bond Girls", and selected the fabrics and colors according to us girls!!

I'm the one with the black and white saddle oxfords, my sister Sally is wearing the red cowboy boots, my sister Cyndy is the girly girl with the white tights and black Maryjane shoes, and my sister Patty is the garden girl with the flowers on her dress, tan legs and brown shoes.

My 94 year old Mother loves it and has it on the wall in her bedroom!!  I am so happy I could finish it and gift it to her!

I finished my two year stint as the president of our local quilt guild and the lovely ladies presented me with a gorgeous President quilt at our June meeting.

Made of all color drenched batiks, it is simply stunning!!

And instead of having the members sign on their blocks, they signed on another piece of light fabric, and a dear friend sewed them into a little book for me!

How clever, right?  I was so very humbled by their generosity and hard work!!

Well, I just finished another quilt two days ago, but I want to save it for next time!!  I'm participating in my local quilt shop's, Oh Sew Persnickety, first sewalong, and doing the blocks from my Halloween stash!  I am SOOOOOO tired of summer and ready for AUTUMN!!  Aren't you????

Well, Yogi is still with us!  He doesnt like the heat of summer either, and spends most of his days inside where the AC is nice and cool!!  We both want to know how you spent the summer, so far?  Did you make something super fun?  

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Very Busy Month!

May just absolutely whizzed by, don't you think so??  Maybe it just seems that way to me, as I was soooo busy finishing up the UFO's on my list... which by the way, I DID finish!!  Every one of the 20 UFO's on my list!  Yay!!  And here are some of them!!

This quilt has been on my bucket list since I first saw it!! Bright Birches!!

I love everything about it!  The colors, the design!! Everything!

I think Connecting Threads might have a kit for it!!  I also really like the fabric I found in my stash for the backing!

I made this Dr. Seuss quilt for the nursery room we have here in our house 

for the grandbabies to use when they come to visit!!

Remember my first and only grandbaby so far, Neal?  He is on the verge of crawling... such a cutie with a million dollar smile!!

This quilt is my first from a Moda Frivol!  

The fabric is Bread and Butter by American Jane...

gosh I love her fabrics, don't you??!!

This quilt was so fun to make!  

I've always wanted to make a bear claw quilt!!

Our last guild meeting of this year was on June 1st.  So, as this was my last meeting as president, I had lots of people to thank- all my board members and committee chairs!

So, I made 30 of these little hexie shaped bee pin cushions.

The recipients seemed to like them!!  Yay!!  

They are filled with crushed walnut shells, not polyfil! 

So, Yogi is plodding along.  Every day with him is a gift!  And we both want to know what you are working on these days?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May Madness!

I think I told you all about the UFO challenge our local quilt guild runs each year?  Because we meet in a local elementary school, our guild year runs from September through June, with the summer off.  In October, you turn in a detailed list of the UFO's you want to complete during the year. 

For each UFO on your list, you put $1.00 in the pot.  During the year, as you complete your UFO's, and show them at Sew and Tell, the coordinator marks them as completed on your list.  At the June meeting, a drawing is held.  For every completed UFO, you get your name in the pot again.  So If I had 10 UFO's on my list, I put $10 in the pot.  If I finished 7 of my UFO's, my name goes in the drawing 7 times.  The first name drawn gets one half of the money.  The second and third names drawn get a quarter each!  It's a fun way to earn money while finishing up your UFO's, right?

Well, it's only a week until our last meeting on June 1st.  My UFO list has 20 things on it.  I am trying hard to finish them all.  I've got # 17 ready to quilt today...then only two left!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me, OK? 

So, one of the things on my list, was to finish  the sewing cross stitch I had been working on at bee, when I had no quilts to bind.   I don't take my sewing machine to bees...just hand work.

I  was really into cross stitch back in the 80's....then I lost interest.  I have found I still do like doing it, so now I keep a project in my bee bag, all the time.

Another  UFO on my list, is this cute little house quilt.  It started as a kit from Connecting Threads...but in the end, I used my sewing themed scraps to make it.

I'm taking down my old Mary Engelbreit sewing themed quilt that hangs over The Queen Mother, aka my HQ Sweet 16 Sit Down machine, 

(you can see it on the right side of this pix)
and replacing it with a collection of small mini-quilts...  so these two will be up there, soon!

You remember my adorable grandson, Neal?

He continues to wrap us all around his little fingers.  I love making fun things for him!!  I made a bopple ball for him.  He is teething and does not like to chew on hard things, but loves to chew on fabric like bibs and his bopple ball arms!!

Isn't he just the cutest baby ever????  Those EYES!! 

Yogi is dying to know what cute things YOU are making today??