Monday, September 1, 2014

Down Memory Lane with AYOS

Sinta of “Pink Pincushion” and Sheri of “A Quilting Life” are the awesome organizers of our online Schnibbles group for five years now!!  This year we took the June, July, and August off, and now will be starting back up with-

  “AYOS and A Little Bit More”

To close out the 2013-2014 year of Schnibbles, Sinta and Sheri asked us to post photos of all the Schnibbles we made in the past year!

So, here’s mine!!  :-)

In September of 2013, we made “Mercerie”.


In October of 2013, we made “Clover”.


In November of 2013, we made “Morning Joe”.


We skipped December because of all the holiday hustle and bustle, and then in January we made “Jersey Girl”…such a favorite of mine!


In February of 2014, we got to chose which Schnibble to make and I chose to make “Mon Ami”.


In March of 2014, we made “Hook”.

Photo Mar 25, 10 32 57 AM

In April of 2014, we made one of Camille Roskelly’s new mini-quilts.  I chose “Rise and Shine”.


In May of 2014, we made “X- Rated”.


We took the three summer months off and will now be starting a new “Year of Schnibbles” this month!!   I can’t wait too find out what our first quilt will be!!  YAY!   Won’t you join us?”


Yogi is sad that Carrie’s dear sweet doggie, Rosie, has passed away.  He loved seeing photos of Rosie on Carrie’s blog.  Yogi hopes to meet Rosie one day in Heaven!  (But I hope not anytime soon!)  Rest in Peace, Miss Rosie! We all miss you!




(image from

I sooooo love AUTUMN!!


Yogi and I hope you are having a wonderfully fun long weekend!!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Awesome Bobbin Earrings

I LOVE Etsy!  I have bought allot of stuff on Etsy!  I’ve bought fabric, patterns, jewelry and so much more!!  Sooo, guess what I found on Etsy this time?

bobbin earrings

These earrings called my name because they look so much like the bobbins on my sewing machine!!


Don’t you think so??

So, I ordered them, and when they came, I put them on immediately!!  I was home all afternoon, doing cleaning and such in my house.  When my husband came home from work, he told me I was missing an earring.

monkey sad

ACK!!  OH NOOOOO!!  I only just got them and had them on only a few hours!!  I spent the next few hours searching frantically for it.  I looked EVERYWHERE!!  To no avail…

That night, I wrote a review  for the earring purchase on Etsy.  I wrote how lovely they were and how happy I was with them and then also how I lost one within hours of receiving them.  The owner of the shop read my review and was sooooo wonderful!  She sent me a message saying she had read my review and was sending me another earring to replace the one I lost. 

happy monkey

Can you believe how sweet she was to do that?  I received it yesterday in the mail!!  I wore them today to bee and everyone loved them!!


So, if you want to buy some gorgeous silver earrings that look like bobbins, be sure to check out limegreenmodern on Etsy!!  THIS is the link to the exact earrings!!

postage stamp 1

If you are wondering what I’ve been doing lately…

postage stamp 2

it’s cutting…and cutting…and more cutting…

postage stamp 3

I have wanted to make a postage stamp quilt from all my many Halloween scraps.

postage stamp

I sure hope I have cut enough 2” squares by now!!  Tomorrow I will start sewing them together!!  Finally!  YAY!!


So, Yogi wants to know what have YOU been up to lately??