Sunday, June 19, 2016

Row by Row 2016

How many of you participated in the 2015 Row by Row experience last summer? Last year was the first year for this fun activity, and the theme was water.  This year, the theme is Home Sweet Home.

I was again honored to design our local quilt shop- Oh Sew Persnickety's row this year!

I really love the Home Sweet Home theme this year!!  So many possibilities!!

I also decided to make our row vertical instead of horizontal.  That way, it can be made just as it is and used as a wall or door hanging.

I am a garden lover, and especially love to watch the birds outside through my kitchen window... so naturally bird houses came to mind!!  

Also, like last year, I wanted to include the cute little bird that Oh Sew Persnickety has in their shop logo!

I named the design "Home Tweet Home"!

I hope everyone likes it and it brings in lots of visitors and business to our beloved little quilt shop!!

Yogi is enjoying this warm summer weather from the coolness of the front porch on the glider!!  

How are you all keeping cool this summer??

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Too Weird For Words

I bought a cool quilt kit on Craftsy that was deeply discounted... great price!

I thought it was so interesting.  The fabrics were mostly Kaffee, which I love...

but the combination was really NOT made of fabrics I would EVER put together in one quilt.  But I do think it's an "interesting" quilt.

So, I named it- "Too Weird For Words".

What do you think???

Yogi's going back to the vet tomorrow...sigh.  The older he gets, the easier his skin breaks down... UGH!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Chipper Love!

I love me some Tula Pink fabrics!  Our guild had her come speak a few years ago and she was as delightful as her artwork!

I gave my son the first quilt I made from the Sparkle Plenty pattern, so I needed to make a new one!

So, I used Tula Pink's awesome Chipper fabric collection.  Just stunning!!

I love, love LOVE this line!  The sleeping fox is the star , as far as I'm concerned, NOT the chipmunk! 

I was looking for more of a muted effect this time, so I used a softer color fabric for the controlled areas.

My quilt is hanging in the window of our local quilt shop- Oh Sew Persnickety, which just thrills me every time I drive by and see it!!  Woo hoo!!

If your area is getting the non-stop rain we have been getting for the last 6 weeks, you must be developing webbed feet like us!!  UGH!!  So sick of no sun!!

Yogi is getting some good snoozing in, though! LOL!!

So, what are you up to these days?  Can you believe it's almost JUNE!!