Sunday, June 23, 2019

Catching Up!

I've been keeping busy since I last posted a few months ago.  I would definitely post more often if I could do so on my iphone or ipad... the downloading of photos taken on my iphone from the cloud to my laptop is a royal pain. Anyway, my younger son and his wife are expecting their second child, our second grandchild the first week of August.  And this is the first girl baby in my family in years- almost generations!!  I am BEYOND excited for our family of males to get a little injection of ESTROGEN!!  So, I've been making some little charm pack utility baby quilts for her!!

I take a charm pack with 42 five inch squares and arrange them in a 6 by 7 layout.

Sometimes, I add a bit of fusible machine applique in one of the corners for a bit of whimsy!

Although I don't think my daughter-in-law is big on pink, I've been waiting FOREVER to sew quilts for a girl!!  

So pink and purple is happening!! 

My son and his wife found lots of uses for these smaller baby quilts, so I hope these will get used allot, too!!

So you can see they are not ALL pink!!  LOL!!

Grandson Neal is excited about getting a new baby sister!!

He is growing up so fast!!

 He is into trucks and baseball!  And we are into HIM!!  

Sooooo, what are you into these days?


  1. OH Congratulations to all !!!!! how nice to be having a little girl finally join your family.
    I can see why you have been making all those pretty pinks and girly wee quilts.....
    Noel is just such handsome little guy and i'm sure eh'll love his little sister heaps....
    Great photos of him even on his PINK bike.. 😊

  2. ROFL!! Spoiled much? She's not even here yet and she already has a quilt for EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!!! Yes, Polly. You MIGHT be just a LITTLE excited about the arrival of this little girl. :o))

  3. Congratulations Polly! Your grandson is quite the handsome young man. He looks like he will be an awesome big brother. And the quilts -- they are just lovely. I really like the addition of the applique. Lots to look forward to. Enjoy all of it!!

  4. Awwww...a little girl!!! Neal is looking super cute. So happy you get to sew PINK fabrics!!!

  5. Polly, I am excited for you.
    Yay for girls. I have four grand girlies. They are silly.
    I adore every single quilt you have made. You have been busy and staying out of trouble. That is so good. **waves** from Ashburn.

  6. Congratulations on the upcoming grand daughter! And Neal is getting soooo big!

  7. Congratulations on the coming baby! The baby quilts are just adorable!

  8. Congratulations! Such a wonderful project. You are a master at color planning!
    Regards | CTNBEE

  9. Congratulations to you and your family on the upcoming girl grandbaby! Each one of those utility quilts are simply beautiful; I think my favorite is the one with the flowers you appliqued. What a fabulous use for charm packs! Your grandson is a cutie. Have a wonderful week!

  10. I havent visited with you in sometime but so glad to find you again. Love this idea. I regularly cut squares with my 5" accuquilt die and this is perfect for those!


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