Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Go! Givaway

Go over to Sherri's blog

And enter her givaway for
an Accuquilt Go!
There are allot of
Go's being given away
lately, huh?
Hope  I (oops)  You win!!  :-)

Wave Goodbye to Summer!

Guess what tomorrow is...

Can you read the flag?

Here's another hint from the side yard.

And the final hint from out back.

Tomorrow is the first day for teachers.
Big huge sad sighhhhhh!

So,  now you know why I was
not blogging last week-
my last week of FREEDOM.
I did make 7 new blouses for work!
And I did some reading and cleaning
and lots of shopping!

My new Back to School purse is packed

and ready to use tomorrow morning.
I'll be in all day staff meeetings
all day tomorrow.
Another big sadder sighhhhhh.....

And will not be able to sew all day anymore-
just after work at night...
biggest saddest sigh of all!  :-(

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In and Today!

Last night was the Friday Night Sew-In!

Unfortunately, I was only able
 to do a bit of sewing.
I had my annual eye exam earlier that day
and I had a really bad headache
and my eyes were hurting,
 I guess from the dilation?  :-(
Anyway, I had some leftover strip sets
from a honeybun quilt project.

I absolutely LOVE these Moda
"Attitude Girls" fabrics designed by
Mary Engelbreit. 
The bright primary colors mixed with
 black and white just suck me in!!
And are soooooo perfect for a
"Back to School" purse!!

Anyway, all I was able to get done
 last night for the Friday Night Sew-In
was to sew those eight blocks
together into 2 sets. That was it,
I just couldn't focus or concentrate
with that darn headache!!  :-(

Today I felt much better and got right to work!!
I added black and red rickrack and
lined those two sets to use on the outside
 of the purse as wrap-around pockets.
I had the striped fabric in my stash. 
It is a heavier decor weight upolstery scrap.

Before I stitched those pockets on, 
I ironed fusible fleece to the back of each
 striped side piece and free-motion quilted it
with a heavy variegated thread. 
I sewed the pockets on about 3" from the bottom
 and also stitched through the pockets on some
 of the piecing lines to divide the pockets into
sections for smaller items like cell phone,
sunglasses and keys.

I trimmed down the top of each side in
readiness for using some cute ready-made
red and white polka-dotted leather handles.
I used that piece as a pattern to cut out
2 lining pieces, which I also fused a lighter
weight fleece to on the wrong sides.
  I added 2 pockets on those lining pieces.

With right sides together,
I sewed around all three sides
 of both outer and lining pairs,
but left a 4" opening in one of the
lining sides to turn it through!

Then I boxed the bottom corners and added a
 little fabric loop at the top of the back.

With right sides together, I pinned all
around the top seam of the two bags
and stiched  them together
with a 3/8" seam allowance!

I turned the bag right side out through
 the lining side seam opening.

Next, I stitched the side seam opening closed,
 and pushed the lining down inside the bag.
I top-stitched all around the top seam with
heavy decorative variegated thread.

I sewed the two pre-made handles
onto the top points,
and added a double button closure.



Soooooo, WADDAUDINK????
Now I am ready for school!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stash Manicure

Today I am posting over at Rae Ann's
 Stash Manicure blog! 
Click HERE to hop on over there
 and read all about this-

Aunt Maggie's quilt...
a question for you all, too!!  :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Machine Quilt Along

Christina over at A Few Scraps blog
is having an awesome 
Free Motion Quilt Along

Go HERE to sign up!!
Come join the fun-
(oh yeah, did I mention her
GIVAWAY, too??)
And let's improve our
free motion quilting!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a Mess!

I cleaned out my stash closet on Saturday,
but did not reorganize my fat quarters.
So, today, I pulled them all out and

started sorting them and refolding them!
This is where I store my FQ's.

It's an antique chest of drawers.
I used to use it to store my huge
collection of buttons that I used
in my doll craft business.
So, I just removed the 8
drawers and used the
empty "chest" as FQ cubbies!!
So, here they are all nice and pretty!

I got my machine back this afternoon!!
It's supposed to be a rotten weather
day here tomorrow-
rain, rain and more rain!
A GREAT day to sew!!
Stay tuned!  ;-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Plan A, B, and C!!!

Really big, longgggg sigh...  

I took my sewing machine
 in to the shop
on Sunday for the annual
cleaning and adjusting.
I was soooo hoping to get a call
late this afternoon that it was all done
and ready to be picked up.
Another reallllly bigggg sigh...
no call, so it's not ready.

On the other hand, today was Bee day!

And boy can Lorraine cook!!
Listen to this menu-
coffee and homemade coffee cake
(with fresh peach and
raspberry streusel topping)
then for lunch-
homemade chicken salad
(with fresh peaches, nuts, lettuce and basil)
fresh canteloupe and
homemade peach muffins
and for dessert-
homemade key lime pie

So, of course, we ate and chatted
and ate and chatted
 and ate and chatted...
and did a bit of cutting
and sewing, too!
I sewed down the binding on my Plan C
the August Schnibbles!

I used 2 charm packs from the
Mary Engelbreit fabric line
Attitude Girls from Moda.

I used a vintage
Mary Engelbreit
print from my stash
for the backing.

I think this might just be my
favorite Schnibbles yet!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Dood It!!! I Dood it!!!! Whew!!

OK, so one of my CGQC goals for August
 was to clean out my stash closet. 

Does this lil' closet

look like
it needs to be
cleaned out?


Well, I decided that Saturday was
 THE day to get this job done!

So, I dropped my machine down out of sight...

got my new DVD collection out...

popped one in the player
and before I even started,
the Yogster was sacked out!

It took me 12 hours!!  I only left the room
to use the restroom, eat lunch and dinner
and feed and walk Yogi!

You ready to see it now????
Even Yogi woke up to see it finished!


Ain't it COOL??????

A place for everything -
and everything in it's place.
(I AM my Mother after all!)

I even replaced the conglomeration
of old baskets with nice plastic tubs.

I am SOOOOOO glad it's done!

Tomorrow is bee day and
I'll be binding my Plan C Schnibble.
It turned out really cute! 
I can't wait to show it to you!
Oh, and we'll see what
I can do with these bits and bobs
leftover from those 2
charm packs...