Monday, August 2, 2010

July Goals

OK, so where DID July go???? 
Anybody know?????
It sure flew right by me!

OK, so my self-care goal was
 to get more sleep... sigh... wellllll,
I am getting to bed earlier
because my summer school hours
 start earlier than the regular school year,
but it's the nocturnal comings and goings
 of my adult sons who are both home
 for the time being that interrupt my nights... 
So, I can't really control that part.
BUT, this Thursday is my last day of
 summer school, so a few weeks off
will do me wonders!!  :-)

I did get my State Fair
Scnibbles quilt finished!

I did get my Joy Luck
 Schnibbles finished.

I got my CGQC Quilt-Along
 quilt finished!

I got my Schnibbles Times Two
 Contest quilt finished.
My other goals were to read some daily,
 which I have done! 
Reading is such a great escape for me!
I have so far been able to stay ahead
 of this dreadful heat and keep
 my deck plants alive!  YAY!!

I am keeping up with my dear blogging friends! 
 It is summer and the "livin' is easy",
so life interrupts everyone's posting
in the summer!  :-)
I will be posting every month on the 19th
 at the Stash Manicure blog,
so am pondering what to write about on 8/19!
Sometime in August while I'm off from school,
 I will be cleaning out and reorganizing
 the old stash closet.
THAT will take a few days, I think.
I will also make a new "Back to School"
purse this month...
and maybe some new clothes, too?
So, did you get all the stuff done
 in July that you hoped to?
If not, don't beat yourself up!
There's always another month
coming right behind!  :-)


  1. I see someone's "back side" on the porch. Is he helping watering the plants? LOL

    And don't forget a little of that "self-care" thing for YOURSELF.

  2. Hi Polly.
    I am new to the Charming Girls Quilt Club. I love ALL of your Schnibbles quilts! I think my favorite is the State Fair. I anxious to work along with everyone else on new CGQC projets.

  3. July did fly by. I'm so not surprised you have a new 'back to school' purse planned! :)
    I hope you have a great August, it goes in slow-mo and you start getting 40 winks times 2!
    perhaps earplugs for Sir Yogi?

  4. Can you believe there are only five months left in this year?? Why has 2010 felt the need to pass so quickly?! (And while we're at it, why does the work day pass so SLOWLY? LOL!) Good job on the goals, Polly! :)

  5. You've had a great July! I love all your Schnibbles.

  6. I have no clue what happened to July...I think it had some days missing. LOL! What wonderful finishes!

  7. You really have accomplished a lot! And how fun that you will be posting each month on Stash Manicure. I look forward to your posts.

  8. Looks to me like you've accomplished a lot in the past month. I just joined CGQC so I'm playing catch-up. I really like your color combinations; do you buy the packs with a quilt in mind?

  9. Oh Polly what gorgeous finishes! Always such pretty things to see over here! So glad to hear you're getting at least a bit more sleep and enjoying some reading, too!


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