Monday, February 18, 2019

February Already!!

As I write this, my hubby and I are watching the original Ben Hur movie from 1959.  One of my favorite Bible type movies.  Do you like to watch the old epic movies?
My husband and I had just gotten over a bout of bronchitis and sinus infections when he brought home new germs from his office!  Ugh!  Now we are both coughing and sneezing again!!  Yuck!

I have a few projects I can show you and many which are gifts, that I can't yet!!  I made up a very old fabric panel into a little Christmas tree quilt that my grandson Neal can decorate and undecorate and redecorate. 

We put it up on the end of a lower kitchen cabinet with command strip hooks.  I think he enjoyed playing with it over the Christmas holidays. I had the panel a long time!!

My dear bee friend Linda gave us all cute bee notebook cover kits for Christmas.

I love making little things like this up, in between bigger quilts.  Sometimes, it's so nice how quickly some things can be finished up!!

I bought this kit from Laundry Basket Quilts over a year ago.  I love to put out blue and white quilts in January with my snowman decor.  When I put away my red and green Christmas decor, I am ready for something different, for sure.

I especially love house quilts and find several of mine are in the wintery blue colors that I put out in the winter.  

I put out my snowmen and winter blues in January and keep it out until spring in late March/early April.

I was sooo glad to get this kit on sale, as the pre-fused laser cut applique kits needed for the quilt are quite pricey, and you need three!!

But I am very happy how it turned out!  I cut out and made a few houses each day, so it was a fun project for a little over a week!!

I also took a cool class offered by our local guild chapter on how to use rulers while quilting on a domestic sit down machine.  It was eye opening!!  

I can see possibly using this technique on a wall quilt or table runner, but not on a larger project.  It was very time consuming and tedious, although I'm sure with more use, one would get faster...

Our grandson, Neal, is growing like a weed and talking more every day!!  So cute and smart and curious!!

So, what are you up to these days?  Are you sewing on something wonderful??  Do tell!!


  1. The blue house quilt is stunning. I definitely like blue and white quilts and have made a couple of them.

    My current projects include setting together a set of 30 blocks into a top, and also am binding a very large sample quilt. Both are UFOs.

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  3. I had to laugh out loud when I read your first sentence as my husband and I also watched Ben Hur (or parts of it) yesterday. Turner Classic Movies, right? Great movie.

  4. I love Ben Hur. I love old movies too. I mostly greatly dislike movies made today. Too many weird things. I should watch Ben Hur again.
    I love all of your completed projects. I hope you and hubbs get better for good.
    Drink a lot of hot tea and go to bed early
    Neal is very very cute

  5. Gee where do the days go?? Do hope Hubby and you are 100% again now.
    What a great idea with the Christmas panel so Neal can have lots of fun decorating the tree.Yes he sure is growing quickly....
    Sweet notebook cover and I LOVE your Houses... Blue and Cream are my favorite colour cobos and I like any sort of houses....
    I'm busy working on UFOs so I have them ready for our quilt hanging in October...

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