Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bee Day De-Stressing!!

Yesterday was our September Bee Day at Lorraine's house. Here we are in her dining room. Suzanne is standing and rotary cutting a cool shaggy quilt she and her grandson Evan are making together. The front will be made of flannel in fun "boy" colors. The back is being made of denim squares cut from Evan's father's old jeans and his grandfather's old jeans. How cool is that! A denim memory quilt that he is helping to make! And it's a very "green" idea- recycling those old denim jeans! Suzanne and her husband just got back from a trip to Russia. She brought us gifts, too. We got beautiful flannel fabrics and we each got a different set of Russian matryoshka nesting dolls. I am suddenly into owls and so mine was a set of nesting grey owls. Very cool!

Linda is sitting at the table and is she sewing at our bee day???????? NOPE! She is waaaaay too dedicated to her first grade class. She brought no sewing to do but a bag full of school paperwork and material preparation for her students. Needless to say, as we all work at different jobs in the same school system, we do allot of chatting, whining, venting, etc... about work at bee! And the beginning of the new school year is the most stressful time, so we had lots to "discuss"!!

And here's Lorraine, whose lovely house we met at, sewing down the binding on a gorgeous black, white and red quilt she made for her daughter. Snickers is snoozing on the quilt at her feet. Lorraine fussed waaaaay too much for our lunch. It was soooooooo delicious. She made us grilled apple pecan salad with homemade dressing and warm turkey, cheese and cranberry sandwiches on cinnamon swirl bread... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM! And if that wasn't enough, she made homemade carrot cake cupcakes for dessert. YIKES! Bee next month is at my I gotta start thinking of a fantastic menu now!!!

Today my husband and my older son and his girlfriend all went to the Bull run wine festival. The weather was perfect- cool and sunny. We tasted wonderful wines and had such fun checking out the different booths. My husband and I went home early so we could watch the Jets game at 1:00pm. Go JETS! They beat the Patriots! I spent the afternoon putting out all my Halloween decorations. That takes me about 4 hours. I'll be doing a bit of tweaking tomorrow and then I'll take photos and post them! Well, I'm bushed!! Time to relax a bit before the work week begins again in the morning! Take care!!


  1. We are so lucky to have good friends and when we work together it is even better. You have been busy. As always your work is beautiful!

  2. Oh, I cannot wait to see your home decorated with Halloween(y) things.

    LOL - anyone who beats the Patriots is high in my list..........okay, I'm bad.


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