Monday, September 7, 2009

Cool Block Bag Design

I've had this Indygo Junction purse pattern for a while now. It's called "Building Block Bag". My son's girlfriend Susan is just getting into sewing again. She and I made a purse a few weeks back and she enjoyed the process. So last weekend we made this one. She made hers in beige and green toile- she made the pieced block version like the red one in the pattern photo. I made mine in black and white prints. We both made the smaller version.

I forgot to take a photo of hers, but here is mine! I am used to rectangular shaped bags and this one is a square on the bottom... so have not yet used it. I use a Porta Purse insert in my purses instead of a wallet. So I'm not sure how it will stay sitting up in a square bag.

It is a really interesting process to put this purse together. Like a puzzle!

It's hard to describe how it goes together so I am trying to show you different views of it!

The inside is, as I said earlier, a square. I love that fabric I used for the lining. It starts with big black polka dots on one selvage and progresses to tiny black dots on the other selvage.

Aren't these black and white prints so awesome!

They make up so crisp looking!!

My husband and I are watching the Florida State vs University of Miami college football game as I write this. We both graduated from FSU and may eventually retire back in the Tallahassee area. That won't happen until my younger son Anthony is finished with grad school at Va Tech... another year or so, at least. I can't wait to retire from education! I am beginning my 32nd year!

Tomorrow is the first day back to school for kids here in Fairfax county in northern Virginia. So, gridlock traffic is on the menu for tomorrow morning. Sigh...


  1. I love the bags and especially the toile, its my favorite!

  2. Ooh, what a fun bag to make - I like puzzles. LOL. I love the black and whites you chose for the purse. And, who doesn't love purses! I'm sure you must enjoy making sewing memories with your son's girlfriend.

    We're just getting back from being gone to Yellowstone so I'm trying to catch up.


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