Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Can you believe it’s already Halloween??
Where the heck did October go? 
I mean, I know it was a busy month for me, with my dear family coming to visit…
but already, that seems like years ago!!
Our new neighborhood is teeming with children and infants, so it will really be a fun night for us.
Except, Yogi never liked Halloween night with the doorbell ringing and strange sights, sounds, and smells! 
So, we will keep him inside and sit on the front porch and give out candy to avoid the doorbells!
I’m going to carve some pumpkins for the first time in years this afternoon!!
I used to put our six large tubs of Halloween decor at our old house.  You can see it HERE!
But I’ve gotten it down to only 2 tubs now!!
Just a few things here or there!
I did find some awesome new apple green throw pillows for the family room.
I think they will be perfect all the way through Christmas!!
So, I’m off to do some creative pumpkin carving!
Hope you have a wonderfully wicked night!


  1. Your decorations are lovely. Our dog doesn't like Halloween either and especially the sound of the doorbell. Happy Halloween!

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  3. Try again !!!!!
    Calling in to say BOO !
    Have a great All Hallows Eve :-) x x x

  4. I just love the way you guys decorate your homes... It looks fabulous... Enjoy the Trick or Treaters.

  5. Your house looks just perfect with the Halloween decorating! And those chairs on your front porch look very inviting!

  6. Your first Halloween in the new house, you did a beautiful job decorating it. I really like the idea of sitting on the front porch watching and giving out candy.

  7. Is your home always this clean and lovely? Let me see your sewing room for the real test!

    1. It's just my hubby and Yogi and I here, as our sons are adults not living it's pretty easy to keep things clean and in I'm an anal person, too!! LOL!

  8. I so look forward to seeing Yogi in all of your posts ...I had 2 little Cairn terriers that he reminds me of so much...missed him! Your home looks lovely. I do appreciate the necessity of keeping Yogi in while the doorbell is ringing off the hook...Oh yes I do!

  9. Wonderful decorations you have! We had 3 inches of rain and many towns cancelled or postponed their trick or treating, but the rain stopped just long enough for the kids to get their candy.

    Our dog is afraid of all the kids coming to the door too. I took her for a walk just before dark when there were lots of people out and about. Then when we got back home, she sat by the front door happily watching all the kids come. We stayed out on the porch so it was all good.

    Happy November!

  10. Your home looks so beautiful. We live in ab older section of Stratford so no kids at all for last few years. I really miss them. Our go use to go crazy on Hallween so we had to put her in bedroom and close door.

  11. I lov eyour house. And I love how you decorate it too....I need your help....if ever in SC,USA let me know...Maybe you could help me turn this hous einto a home that is loved.


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