Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello There, November!!

Last night was fun in our new neighborhood chock full of children!  Halloween night was cool and a bit blustery with a few raindrops, too!!


Today, I’m putting away all the Halloween decor and putting out November stuff which is made up of turkeys and pumpkins and scarecrows and leaves!


This morning we had our 90 day walk-through with the builder.  Hard to believe we’ve already lived here 90 days!!  WOW! Time flies!


I received my Vanishing Design Wall two days ago.  I ordered the unfinished one and painted it white to match the woodwork in my sewing room.


I hung it over the double closet doors, which face my sewing table!


I am very happy with the product so far.  It seems well made and of good quality materials.


I have some leftover black contact paper from making my little mouse hole decal I copied from one I saw on Pinterest.


I’m thinking I might draw out and cut out a sewy phrase to put on the flat front of the wood part of the design wall…


Sooo?  What are you up to today?



  1. I love the mouse hole! It's beginning to look like autumn there.

  2. I love the mouse hole too! I wish I had high enough skirting to make one here.

  3. Fun post. First of all, I love your opening picture. Perfect!! Secondly, that mouse hole is adorable. What an idea! Some people are just too smart. And lastly, that vanishing design wall - what a concept. Can you make it vanish even when there are blocks on it?

  4. 90 days already -- wow, that time flew by! I showed Hubby your mouse hole decal and he chuckled and then said I didn't need a decal because he could show me a real one. I said he better close that thing up cuz I'd rather have the cute decal!

    Can't wait to see the November decorations.

  5. The vanishing wall is something I am going to investigate--impressed your builder does a 90 dat walk through

  6. Love the mouse hole! Hope you enjoy your Vanishing Wall as much as I don mine! Enjoy seeing your "new" home too-those 90 days just flew by!

  7. I love the mouse hole too! Could you tell us about to go Yogies bed it is so cute. Also I got a new sewing machine a handsome 1500 along with it came a 8900 I hope I can figure out how to use them now.

  8. I saw something similar on P for a mouse door. I love it! I love seeing your decorations. I can't believe that you have been there long enough to have celebrated Labor Day, Halloween and now Thanksgiving!

  9. Did you make Yogi's bed? I wonder if I could make one for Snowy???


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