Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Sunny Spot

After a few stressful days of

decorating the house and the

demon tree, I had to pause

and grab the camera when a

photo op materialized!


My Westie Yogi just loves the sun.

He will wander the house and

find a spot of sun coming through

a window and find a way to get in it!


The sun shining through the lattice

on our deck made such a wonderful

texture on the couch and his face!


Is he not just absolutely adorable?

Our third (and most stubborn) son!


Can you believe it’s only 17 days

until Christmas????

Are you ready?  I am



PLEASE leave me a comment and

tell me what you have left to get

done by Christmas so I don’t feel 

like the only slacker around!!

Oh, and P.S. -   

Go here to find out about a great

children’s charity quilt opportunity!



  1. Yogi is very adorable. I still have to complete making my cards, and then of course write in them, address them, and get them to the post office. Still have to finish a little shopping, wrapping, shipping. Is that enough to make you feel better?

  2. hmmm, get tree and decorate, do cards, mail out three boxes, shops for hubby and kids.....oh and do all the baking......hmmmmm, seems like alot!

  3. Let's see if I can make you feel better: Shopping for brother, SIL, sister, mom, dad, husband, MIL, one son. Baking. Wrapping. Shipping. Menu, grocery shopping, hosting holiday gathering, clean up, overeating, opening presents, and a nap!

  4. Yogi is too dang cute. A friend of mine bred/raised Westies...they are just too fun. Christmas is coming in how many days??? YIKES! I have many things started, no one thing completed. ohdear. I'll need to stay home from work and not sleep at night to get them all done. Seriously. Hope that makes you feel actually makes me feel worse than I did before I (just now) gave it some thought.

  5. Yogi is so cute!! You're right, what a great photo op! Every year I tell myself that I will get it all done early. Never happens. Why is it that no one else in the family can see what needs to be done and then help do it. Do they think that Santa's elves sneak in at night and do it?

  6. Cute and!!! Oh gosh, you are not alone. I'm stalled out with my shopping. What gets done, gets done. I have some great ideas that might just have to be put on the list for next year. Take care!

  7. Oh, Polly, Yogi IS adorable! And you are not the only one not quite ready. DD and I have been pulling Christmas "out of the box" for a week now. Always interruptions. The trees are up but not decorated, and I think this year we are going for "less is more." :-) I vow every year to start early and be done... doesn't happen. We missed Christmas last year as DD, DH and I were all ill. Cancelled travel plans, no holiday parties, no decorating... nothing... nada. So this year we HAD to do some decorating. I am hoping the "house elves" show up SOON... or maybe Martha??? ;-D
    Merry Christmas... and Best Wishes in the New Year! ...Karen

  8. Polly Yogi must drop by and see Fegus. He is sporting his green sweater. Love our Westies. Yes I am frantically trying to finish up a queen quilt and some hostess gifts. Where oh where has the time gone???

  9. Ah, the love of a pet. Precious. Priceless.

    Am I ready for Christmas? Sorry, but I have to say yes. (o: No, I'm not sorry - I am always ready for this time of the year. (o:


  10. Cookies to bake, presents to wrap, cards to send, Christmas letter to write and all the normal stuff!

  11. Oh, I forgot! shopping to finish (mostly online!)

  12. My Molly is the same way; how old is seems like he is about 2-3 yrs old...He looks like a little ham..every time I think I am going to get a good picture of Molly she turns her head...he does not have that brown around his mouth as Molly does...the vet says it comes with eating and changes their fur color..Molly is 9 years old..
    I only need to make cookies as we give everyone gift wrapping...Have a
    Merry Christmas..

  13. I haven't done a thang!! What's wrong with me? Well, husband hasn't pulled the decorations out of the attic yet so that IS a problem.

    And there always is the extra house cleaning involved. And there is NO motivation to do that! :)

  14. Yes, Yogi is adorable!

    Polly, you are definitely NOT alone. I will give you a small peek of my to-do list.

    Decorate house, inside and out, bake cookies, buy several more gifts and wrap all gifts, make new stockings, finish ornaments for exchange, write Christmas letter and cards.

    I'm tired just listing all the things left to do!

  15. I have most of the shopping done, but didn't get much decorating done, and probably won't do any more. I need to do the baking and treat making. Hope that goes OK; I think my oven is on the fritz. I usually make lots of cookies, maybe not so much this year.

    How old is Yogi. I just think he is soooo cute, I love Westies!!

  16. Yogi is just precious!!! I have about ALL of it to do--the lights are half on the tree (DID get a tree in the house day before yesterday LOL), very few gifts are IN the house (and NONe are wrapped), cards are still unopened, so you know they are still in the to-do stack :D, NO baking has been done yet-------pretty much EVERYTHING is hanging in the 'to-do' pile....think I can get it all done and find some time to enjoy it before good ole St. Nick arrives? :D

  17. What a sweet puppy, and I love your photos with the light.

    We are spending Christmas with my daughter this year so we are skipping the decorating except for a few lights out front.

    The shopping for my Gkids was done by my oldest sweet was that. She was my personal shopper this year. One gift certificate to buy and something for my Mom who is 90 on the 20th and I'll be finished.

  18. Yogi sure isn't camera shy, very cute photo. I still need to do just about everything. Christmas will come whether I'm ready or not :-)

  19. Yogi is adorable! Lets see, what do I have to do in the next 11 days... we are going low key this year so I have litle shopping... other than for Christmas cooking... and I have my Christmas quilt I would like to get done sooner rather than later, 2 quilts .. one for each kiddo to get done and 5 coffe cup cozies for hubby to include with gift cards as office gifts.... so why am I on-line rather than sewing?

  20. The decor is up, the wrapping is completed, no parties to attend anymore, grandkids' Christmas Program over, Christmas cards long gone in the mail, packages long gone with UPS, doggies' red collars on for the holiday season, birthday is over.....BUT - NO COOKIES are baked.

    Is the first year that I won't make Christmas cookies? TO BE DETERMINED.....LOL

  21. He is such a cutie and what beautiful photos! Perfect with the sun through the lattice. I still want to make a runner for my daughter and some quick mug rugs and potato bags as no one in my family has any. Merry Christmas!


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