Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted… but that’s “The Bad” part, so ya gotta hear “The Good” first!


Today was bee day at my house!


We only have bee once a month when we can find a Saturday that we can all meet - that’s the tough part.


We all career educators and work or have worked in the same local school system, so we have lots in common in addition to quilting.


I soooo look forward to bee each month!  I wish we could do it more than just once a month…


maybe when we are all finally retired!!  :-)


Can you see Yogi there napping on the back of the couch?


Bee today was the Good part!  The Bad part is the reason I’ve not been posting very much…or sewing very much…

sore thumb

I’m having a thumb problem!! 

Anyone out there ever have a trigger thumb?  I’m right handed and it’s that right thumb that is having pain, stiffness and clicking issues when I do just about anything…  sigh…  I have been waiting almost a month to see the hand specialist doctor.  I see him this Wednesday FINALLY!!!I am worried what he may say…

trigger thumb

When I wake up in the morning it is stuck in this position and I have to use the other hand to slowly straighten it…  that’s the UGLY part!!

I’ll let you know after my appointment on Wednesday what can be done about it…

Anyone else have a bad thumb?



  1. I have missed you.

    Puppy is so precious. And YOU, take care of that hand. Don't worry, just put it all in His hands.

    Blessings and Prayers

    Joyce (heaps of hugs, of course)

  2. That's no good Polly. Hopefully there's nothing too serious with your thumb. Take care. Hugs, Christine

  3. I'll be interested in what the specialist has to say as I too am suffering from the same problem. My family doctor tells me it is repetitive strain injury from too much knitting. jr from ontario

  4. OUCH! That's not a good sorry.

    I have pain in my thumbs, but down where it joins the hand and it's arthritis. =( I can't imagine having it stuck! Hope you get answers soon!

  5. That thumb doesn't look fun at all! I hope the doctor figures it out quickly and painlessly.

  6. We quilters can deal with almost any other part of our bodies that are not working-------BUT NOT OUR HANDS. Hope the specialist works his magic on you Wednesday.

  7. Good luck with the specialist. Hope everything is better soon; we miss you (and Yogi)!

  8. Thinking of you & saying a prayer! I have missed your blog. Take care, my friend!

  9. My son had trigger thumb on both of his hands. He is 3 now and had surgery to correct it last year in May. It was a minor surgery and he had small casts on for one week afterward. After that he was perfectly fine. He did not even need any pain meds besides Tylenol and only needed that the first couple of days after surgery. All in all it was minor compared to the pain that is associated with straightening the tendon that is causing the problem. If your doctor suggests surgery I would definately consider it. His quality of life is perfectly normal now and he doesn't even have any scars. Hope all goes well.

  10. Actually yes I do have bad thumbs. About 4 years ago one of mine swelled up and was in awful pain. A few days later the skin all started peeling off and I had to rush in for surgery to drain infection. It was labelled as an acute injury...and I have no idea how it got hurt. Now the other thumb is attempting the same thing. I can't use scissors and have been making my teenage son do any scissor work that I may have.I pray that they'll get your problem figured out.

  11. My husband has trigger fingers and he's in pain when it happens. He did go see his doctor and now he's fine.

  12. I had a trigger thumb years ago in my left hand. First they treated it with a shot of cortisone. That gave me some relief for awhile. When it came back the Doctor clipped a tendon at the base of my thumb. I have not had anymore problem for years. Good luck.

  13. Oh No Polly. Hope you can have it fixed soon.
    I just have arthritis but not that bad I can't sew. thank goodness.
    Looks like a fun day when you a your Bee.

  14. Speedy,healing prayers for you! You never realize how much you use your thumb until it is injured.

  15. Oh Polly, ouch! I'm sorry about your thumb problem. Never heard of it before. I hope the specialist will be able to fix you right up.

  16. Polly, I have missed reading your blog. I too have had thumb problems but not trigger finger, just a form of arthritis. Hope the hand specialist will find a non intrusive way to heal you all up.

  17. Hi Polly - first of all, I'd love to come to Bee at your house - your dining room looks so inviting and the buffet food looks yummy! I wish my Bee met on Saturday. Ours meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights of the month. I have to admit, after a day at work, I'm too exhausted to go out for the night! So sorry about your thumb! I don't have anywhere near that problem (yet, at least), but do find that I have intermittent pain if I move my thumb certain ways. Not all the time, just occasionally. I wonder if it will turn in to something like this? I did have carpal tunnel, and a cortisone shot did the trick! I bet your hand specialist will fix you right up!

  18. I don't have 'trigger thumb' but 'trigger pointy finger'. Mine happens when I spend too much time working on my Grandmother's Flower Garden. Too much grasping/clenching. I find that if I back off for a day or so, it eases up. Good luck at the doctor's.

  19. Looks like you had a lovely time with your "bee", but I'm so sorry that you are having trouble with your thumb. I have had several friends that have had "trigger finger" problems.... and I hate to tell you this but they all ended up having surgery. I sure hope that you won't! Good luck at the doctor's!



  20. I have it in my middle finger on my left hand. It is not as bad as yours sounds. I have talked to people that have had the surgery and it seems that is not too bad. I suppose one day I will have to make that decision. I have missed you and Yogi.

  21. Ouch! That doesn't look like a fun thing to deal with. Hope the Dr. can help you with the problem. Your bee looks like lots of fun. There were very few sewers at my old school. There was a small group (not just teachers) that started getting together the last year that I was there. We only met for a couple of hours on a week night. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun to share ideas and see what everyone was working on. Keep us updated. We all miss your posts:)


  22. I have missed your blog! I am sorry to hear about your thumb problem. Hope it all gets taken care of soon. Have Yogi kiss it and make it well :)

  23. Sorry to hear about your thumb! On a happier note, in retirement you can meet more than once a month. My small group meets at night once every month or so, but in retirement I've joined several other sewing groups. I'm totally enjoying the fellowship, conversation, laughter and sewing with the different groups:) Didn't think I'd ever get to this stage!!!!

  24. Hey! The clicking thumb! Yes! Started in January. Sort of amusing at first but by February was so painful I more or less stopped using it (right thumb, left-handed, worked out ok). During the worst of it, the Detroit Freep published an article describing it exactly (12/26/2010): it's called de Quervain's tendonitis and there's no miracle cure.

    I realized just in the last week or so that the pain is mostly gone, the click is barely there, and I'm back to plain old carpel business and I'm back to using the thumb. Oh well. Guess we'll see if it come's back.

    Very cool blog, by the way.

  25. I'll try this again. Seems my comment vanished. I just discovered your new projects at the Moda Bakeshop. Awesome job!!!! Wonderful projects!!!

  26. Just found you via Moda Bake Shop. Your recent project is great. Thanks!

  27. I love your latest project, such a great job of using all your fabrics up....
    I have a sore thumb too, I've been told it's arthritis, so sore sometimes it wakes me up in the night.
    Lucky you being able to have a 'bee' where I live none of my friend's quilt (or craft) I'm sure they think I'm nuts with some of the things I make LOL.
    Keep up the good work.


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