Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meet Miss Goodchild!!

I still need a few more things to out out in September for “Back To School”.  I had a gardener lady pattern, so I adapted it to make a teacher doll.


Meet Miss Goodchild!  She is a strict school marm who loves her children and expects them all to love learning as much as she loves teaching!!

I used my favorite Michael Miller apple fabric for her dress and I took apart an old teacher wallhanging I used to use in my classroom that was made from a cute school panel.  I used the panel and ABC strips for her apron.  I still need to paint some toothpicks yellow and make some pencils to stick in her bun!!

close up

I found some more teacher-ish school prints at G-Street this weekend, too!!  May have to make some more things with them… stay tuned!!1signature


  1. She is very cute and I'm sure her students love her to pieces! How creative!

  2. The cutest thing ever - my daughter teaches 4th grade and this would be a great addition to her classroom! Peggy :)

  3. You have such cute ideas, I bet you are a great teacher, what grade do you teach? I love your site just to see what you are up to and I am never disappointed. I wish I had your creative mind and energy. Blessings sandra

  4. She is hilarious...and can imagine she would be a great teacher, especially once she has pencils in her hair :)

  5. Miss Goodchild looks like she will take no nonsense in her classroom.

  6. Hi Miss Polly,

    Whoa, she looks stern. Whew....glad I'm not in her class.

    Heaps of Hugs

    Please excuse Prudence, she is a wee bit grumpy this morning. I love Miss Goodchild, her face is so full of character. And her name - very creative. I have to giggle just looking at her. (o:

  7. That is too cute! I need to try my hand at dollmaking again. I haven't made any since Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls about 35 years ago...

  8. HI Polly,
    I love your School marm- Do you know the story of Miss Nelson is Missing by James Allard.. It is such a fun story and would be fun to create a two faced doll for the story- one more stern like Viola Swamp and one sweet like Ms Nelson...
    It looks like you are having such fun decorating with school things. I have a few Boyd's bears and a Mother Goose like school marm with glass apples on a shelf..
    Happy teaching,

  9. I love your school-teacher doll!! she looks a little stern LOL! with those pursed lips, but I'm sure she has a heart of gold!!!! Your costuming is wonderful! did you take her to school? what were the kids' reactions? I love your creativity!!!

  10. Such a gorgeous School Marm! I remember a similar school marm ... I would have been about 10 and it was common to be on the receiving end of a rap across the knuckles with a ruler.


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