Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Baylarian Christmas Quilt

I finally got my act together and took some pix of my 50’s looking Christmas quilt!


I was able to finish the binding at our last bee.


I decided to name it- “My Baylarian Christmas”.


I grew up in Orlando, Florida on a little dead end street named Baylarian Boulevard. 

fam 60's

This quilt reminds me so much of Christmases at home on Baylarian Boulevard growing up!! It will be a favorite quilt for me!!


Do you have a favorite Christmas quilt?

Tell me all about it!!

(Only 53 more days until Christmas!!)



  1. Quilt - beautiful. Yogi - precious.


  2. Polly, a friend and I have been going to garage sale and auctions all summer collecting vintage table clothes ands runners as we go. This is such a good place to use them. We knew we'd find something but what? Strip quilts would be perfect!!! Just cut out the stains and there we gooooo!! Thanks for keeping me entertained every day, I enjoy your blog, keep it up!!! Thanks for your Baylarian Beauty, and making my mind click!!! Give Yogi a pat for me, Julie

  3. Love your quilt! I was lucky enough to win a quilt called a Christmas mix tape from Feisty Eily in a giveaway. I love it! I have already pulled it out and have it on my bed. My cat Kalli loves to snuggle under it too!

  4. It looks fabulous and I love the name you gave it.

    I have a Christmas Cactus quilt that I am so fond of - the fabrics, the pattern and the quilting.

  5. i won the 2007 christmas quilt raffle made and donated by our local quilters club! it's gorgeous ... cranberry red and medium holly green christmas star blocks; the quilting is all-over pointsettas. i love it, although some time soon, i'll mail it off to my daughter-in-law.

  6. Actually I don't have a Christmas Quilt at all. Love yours and the story of why you named it "Baylarian Christmas" Lovely family photo.
    Yogi does look cute sittting on the quilt.
    We have finally got a new baby as cute as Yogi.

  7. What a wonderful quilt. I am sewing my first Christmas quilt right now..I hope i have it done in

  8. I do have a Christmas quilt but it is coming out in a book so I have to be a little quiet about it. BUT I love your puppy, can you tell us a little about him? I am looking around to find me a sweet little dog just like him! THANKS!

  9. There's that sweetie Yogi again. He shows off your quilts so well. I made a Christmas quilt 25 years ago back when I was quite new at quilting. Bob gets it out each December and always says it is his favorite. He had gifted me with a quilting frame the Christmas before. I hand quilted at time they are ever so much nicer than machine quilts I should photograph it before it wears out.

  10. Love the Christmas quilt, sooo different!!! I've only made one little Chrissy quilt, a Kathy Tracy design where I used Chrissy fabrics, I'm looking forward to putting it up on the wall soon!!!

  11. Love your quilt! And I really love Yogi looking so comfy on it. You're an Orlando girl...I've been here since 1966.

  12. Your quilt is beautiful. I also grew up in the 50's. A great time to be a kid.
    Gmama Jane

  13. Your Christmas quilt is so warm and cozy looking ! I love the vintage colors! Yogi is the cutest! Your blog always makes me feel good.


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