Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pushing Up Daisies!!

No, not speaking of what that means to some folks… LOL!!


I loved that phrase for the name of my new wall quilt!!


I bought it as a kit that I found in the clearance bin of a local quilt shop!!


I did switch out the two border fabrics for ones in my stash that went better with our decor.


I also made it 2” wider and about  8” longer to better fit the space!!


I bought the wall hanger back when we were in the apartment waiting for our home to be finished.  It was very primitive in colors- the wood was weathered and plain and the wrought iron was a rusty brown.


So, I painted the wood with the inside wood trim white paint and spray painted the iron a mat black!


I really love how it all came together and fits perfectly in the space there!!!


This will hang until fall…will make new ones for the different seasons and maybe even some big holidays!!


I’m working now on a wall quilt for another blank wall space upstairs on the landing above my quilt chest!! 

blank wall space

Will be thread painting today in the sewing room, with my assistant!! 


Soooo, what are you creating this week???



  1. It looks great hanging there and I love the way the hanger came out.

  2. Your assistant looks like he has lost interest. He's so cute!

    Lovely quilt and changing the hanger was very clever. I have a couple of quilts hanging from similar hangers, but without the wooden section. Love the simplicity of the hanger.

  3. Love your new wall hanging & great quilt hanger !

  4. Vry nice! I really like it! I want to do a wall hanging but can't find a pattern I can use in my house...few walls as everythingi s so open. But..this style is possibile. I also like the way you used that wood piece to mount it instead of just hooks. Now THAT I can do! Thanks for shaing

  5. So, so attractive - loving your wall hanging and your hanger - may have to add the hanger to my honey-do list. Was there a name on the pattern for "Pushing us Daisies"? Sure would love to try and find that. We have been working in our yard and it is really coming together - this is our second year of planting and developing the landscape with many trips to the Farmer's Market and nurseries. Having fun in NC and wishing you and yours, Yogi too, a great week. Judy C in NC

  6. That's beautiful, I love the way the daisies are framed but growing into it, really wonderful.

  7. The quilt is so fresh and gorgeous and perfect on its hanger in that space.
    I am intrigued with the quilt of Yogi in the background of one of your photos ... is that thread painting? I guess Yogi will add his help later?:)

  8. Love the way you updated the hanger for the new wall hanging.
    Not much sewing for me as DH just had a triple bypass yesterday. Sew will be in the big smoke for awhile visiting hospital.

  9. Love the quilt and the name is so cute. Looks wonderful hanging on your wall. My husband won't let me plant daisies as he considers them weeds, so this would work for me too.

  10. Oh Polly, you're so cute :)! Love the little quilt - and the quilt rack, too! It fits perfectly in your space - and how fun that you can make different little season and holiday quilts to hang there! Too cute!

  11. Very pretty quilt! What a steal. Looks like Yogi is really helping you in the sewing room!

  12. Polly your wall hanging quilt is beautiful and a perfect placeing for it .Looks great how you made the hanger for it. I don't think your assistant will be much help.

  13. Oh so pretty...I love it!!! Might I ask what the name of the pattern is?

  14. Brilliant! I use the foam board too but I haven't framed it. I think hubby would think twice before he'd tackle that - miters aren't his cup of tea. :) blessings, marlene

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  16. I like that flower quilt too!

  17. An other wonderful project. Your house looks fantastic with all this quilts.


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