Saturday, June 27, 2015

Monthly “Minis and More” Quilt Done!!

I was infinitely sad to hear some weeks back that the “A Schnibble a Month” group was being dissolved after how many years… 7?  8??

Let's Do It, Again!

Then a few weeks later, Sherri from the blog- A Quilt Life, announced we would start up again under a new name- “Minis and More”.

This month’s  project is a mini called “Summer Star Mini”, a new design by Sherri herself!


It was made from 2 1/2” mini charm squares from Moda’s “Beach House” collection.


The whole quilt is made from squares and half-square triangles.  Easy peasy!!


I have it in my morning room!  I love it!!


This is my last week before my knee replacement surgery on July 6th…


so I’m busy getting last minute stuff done!!


I’m not scared or nervous, but really excited for the surgery that will allow me eventually to walk without pain!!  Quality of life!


Yogi wants to know what you are up to these long hot “dog days” of summer?



  1. Pleased you are able to keep making your minis... This one is very beachy, nice !

    Good luck with the surgery and do as the doctors says for a quick recovery. 😘😘

    We are having lovely sunny winter days and COLD nights now Yogi and I am wrapped in a quilt while I unpick the quilting... Grrrrr!🐾🐾

  2. We are having some brutal summer weather so things have been slow around here. I've been sewing a little, drinking iced tea a lot, taking life pretty easy. Good luck with your knee surgery. My Hubby recently had full hip replacement and he is almost recovered. My two female Scotties, who both have a crush on your handsome Yogi, send you best wishes also.

  3. Beautiful Polly! Such fun, bright summery colors! Best wishes for your surgery. I'm sure once its over you'll be so glad you did it.

  4. What a happy quilt. Glad you have a new schnibble group! I have finished piecing my waving Amerian flag (bargello) quilt and am working on free motion quilting it. Quite a learning process, it's not perfect but I think I'm finally figuring it out.

  5. What a lovely happy mini - great someone else has taken over the reins to keep the mini quilts group going. Tell Yogi it's cold here on the other side of the world and our Snowy tells him to enjoy his lovely summer weather and when you recover from your operation lots of fun walks.

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  7. Best wishes for your forthcoming surgery.
    Its winter here and the cooler weather is very welcome; much easier to craft when it is cooler.

  8. I'm sending you the very best of wishes for your knee surgery. A few friends have had it and were pleased with the results. It was work and all said that the hardest part was the PT but that was what made the diffeence in their recovery. I love your posts and Yogi! I'm working on finding a new position and sewing/quilting. Working on a scrappy quilt and quilting a baby quilt for a great niece and one for her dolly.

  9. Good luck with the surgery. I have so many friends having knee surgery, or..... shingles, or both, or some other middle age affliction haha
    I hope all goes smooth and easy with the surgery. If you are in good physical shape now, the recovery will be a breeze
    I love this little quilt, I need to start some leader ender projects and this one might inspire me to do some little fun things
    I will keep you in my prayers

  10. wishing you well on your upcoming surgery! be a good girl and do as your are told by the drs! because you have quilts to make! hugs.... love your mini!

  11. Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery/rehab. --And lots of fun afterward!

  12. You'll do great. I had my knee replaced a year ago and while the PT is not fun at first, it gets better and the pain before surgery is gone for good. Take care and remember that it takes some time to reach your goals with a knee replacement, but with determination you will get there. Hugs!!

  13. I love your Summer Star Polly! It is very bright and happy and I especially love the final touch of using the green for the binding!

  14. I love your Summer Star Polly! It is very bright and happy and I especially love the final touch of using the green for the binding!

  15. Love your mini - so bright and cheerful. Wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgery. I know many who have had the surgery and their only regret was that they didn't do it sooner! You'll do great!


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