Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Almost Fall, Y’all!!


I have this Snoopy flag that I put out the night before I had to go back to work at school at the end of each August.  It’s faded over time, but still cherish it and use it every year!!

back to school snoopy

I’ll be putting it out today as well as putting my summer decor away and bringing out all my school decor!  After 34 years teaching, I have lots!!  


But I must admit, I am soooo very glad to be retired from teaching now! I think Yogi likes that I’m home all day with him, too!!



  1. It's so hard to imagine that it is almost fall. My mom was a teacher too so I know about those supplies.

  2. So glad that Yogi seems well. Looking gorgeous as always! Douglas my 11 year Westie has just been diagnosed with Cushings but he's fine and happiest when trying to chase a cat, squirrel, pigeon....well anything that really shouldn't be in HIS garden!

  3. Of course Yogi is glad that you're there everyday all day long! My cats like that too because what's better then a 24/7 slave;-)

  4. I'm sure Yogi is happy to have you home with him everyday. My daughter is starting her 4th year teaching and she already has tons of school decor.

  5. I am right there with you!! I retired 6 yrs.ago from a30 yr.teaching career. I loved tagging but I also knew when it was time to pass the torch. Teaching nowadays odds for the young and not faint of heart. You and I saw many swings of the education pendulum just as this new generation of teachers will see in due time. Each"New thing" promised to be the cure all four every thing but in approx. 4-6 yrs. Another"New thing" would come along and make its impossible promises and all the past curriculum was fodder for the incinerator. I taught special education of which there was no curriculum. We were expected to confer up with our own. I have it on personal authority that of you stand in front of the Big Waste Management container on "throw out the old books" day, you can fill up a special education classroom with some pretty awesome curriculum for free or at the cost of climbing in or on top of the trash in order to get that last book which will complete your set of free books!! Ask me how I know that?? Lol!!
    It was fun reminiscing with you but more fun having you for a quilting blogger friend!! Happy fall

    1. Dang auto correct...I meant to say I loved Teaching. Not tagging.

  6. I am glad to be retired too. I am spending lots of time in my sewing room and garden. But the best part is spending time with my fur babies


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