Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Springin' Time!

I am sooo very ready for spring!!
Aren't you?  Yogi sure is, too!!

Tomorrow I will put away all my snowmen and other winter decorations and put out my spring stuff.  YAY!!

Bunnies and chicks and garden stuff!!

I've got an idea for a new spring applique' wall quilt to put in the spot where I just put the new snowman quilt.  I'm currently pulling stash fabrics for it... stay tuned!

But I did make these little quilts designed by Edyta Sitar, which were all in one pattern and used 2 batik charm  packs.

Have you caught the spring bug yet?

Yogi loved sitting on the porch enjoying our little tease of warm weather!

So, what are you sewing on these days? 


  1. Hi Polly, I just put away all my snowmen decorations and put out all my spring and Easter stuff. Then, I felt inspired to work on something bright and cheerful. I started the Butterfly Garden Quilt in Lori Holt's Quilty Fun book--Bring on spring!

  2. It's too early yet here in SD to put away our snowmen. Spring did tease us briefly on Saturday with 60 degree weather, but then we got 4" of snow last night again. We never know if winter will stick around until early May or be gone by mid-March.

  3. I too love Edyta`s patterns. Enjoy your spring time we are coming into Autumn. Nice to see some cooler nights. Happy Stitching.

  4. Hello Polly and Yogi,
    We are enjoying the cooler weather here as we are into autumn. having said that, temperatures around 28 celsius are pretty nice and it's great for quilting! I've making quilts for Aussie Heroes Quilts - check out their blog. Essentially they are a quilting community that makes quilts for Australian defence personnel that are in service overseas - mainly in the MER and also our peace corp in Africa etc.. It's been such a personally rewarding experience.

    1. Yippee! I can post on your blog again. Snowy and I have missed being able to say hello to everyone

  5. Love the little wall hanging you are working on. Edith's stick on appliqué looks like a lot of fun. I am with Yogi all the way and sat for an hour on my doorstep yesterday enjoying the sun and having a coffee.

  6. Your quilts are great! Spring teased us a bit already but then snow returned and now there's a not-this-not-that weather outside ... hope that change soon.
    I plan to make the Splendid Sampler blocks and already have a plan how to make four beautiful quilts out of the blocks. But it's a year long quilt-along so I have a lot of time. And oh, the new Schnibbles pattern for this and the next month 'Village' from herself Mrs. Schnibbles Carrie Nelson.
    Give Yogi a hug and enjoy spring!

  7. Your new header is lovely, as are the little quilts.
    Spring is trying here in Nor Cal. The trees are blooming and "snowing" down white petals. I have a nice collection of snowmen and snowman quilt wall hangings, but I only put one of them out this year. Since returning to CA, they seem so out of place.... too warm, no snow, just sunshine or the occasional rain shower. I'm not complaining, mind you. I just need to change my decorating style.

  8. Your quilts are lovely Polly. We're waiting for cooler weather here. It was the first day of Autumn (Fall) on Tuesday but we are heading into a week of 30oC plus.

  9. Those are lovely little quilts! It tried to be spring here, but winter came back today. The crocus are blooming anyway, and we are enjoying the longer days even if it is cold!

  10. Polly, Yogi is a doll. What a wonderful fella to always be attentive and by your side
    Your projects are just beautiful.
    I am still working on the same things lol
    taking care of my parents is almost a full time job. haha
    Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm Polly

  11. Snowmen have long been put away here - we've had our ac off and on for quite some time now. Just another Florida winter!

    Does Yogi sit on the front porch without running off? We had two Cairn Terriers and I think one would have been ok on the porch and the other would have made a run for it. They say you can't trust terrier training that they'll mind and then go rogue. Yogi looks so well behaved! And cute of course!

  12. The quilt in your header is Spring to perfection. Nice.

  13. Snowmen still sitting proudly around here. We've had a mild winter, but this time of year always brings mild temps one day and freezing temps with heavy snow the next. Looking forward to seeing your new spring quilt!

  14. Love your new runners..the blue house, dainty flowers and the cute bird! Are you hand or machine appliqueing? Thanks for sharing. Here in Utah, we are enjoying a little warmer weather too...I'm praying it stays. Happy sewing.


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