Saturday, December 2, 2017

Busy November!!

My adorable grandson, Neal, turned one in October! 

He is crazy about animals, 

so I made him this farm animal quilt.

It's a pattern called Animal Whimsy by Amy Bradley.

It was super fun to make, 

if you like machine applique, which I do!

Neal loves to point to the animals for his parents to make the animal sounds and vice versa!

Can't decide which animal I like the best...

maybe the sheep?

Possibly the chicken...

but definitely the donkey!!  

Which one is your favorite?

Yogi has had a good fall...loves his naps which last pretty much all day!  We take every day we can get with our feisty little old man, who will be 17 in a few months!

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving?
Are you ready for the holidays????


  1. Hey Polly! (And Sweet Yogi!) I haven't dropped in for a while, so loved catching up with your news. Love your animal quilt ... so cute! And I think Yogi has the right idea of sleeping most of the day. Our 15 year old Border Collie who we had to say goodbye to three years ago was the same during his last couple of years ... and like you, we took one day at a time and stocked up on as many cuddles as possible. :0) Have a great week and big Squooshy Bear Hugs to both you and Sweet Yogi! KRIS xx

  2. Now that is one cute quilt. Love all the details!

  3. That little guy is seriously adorable! :)

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! Polly, you are such a lovely inspiring gramma. I love this quilt.
    Now, I have it on my wishlist. It is adorable
    Enjoy your big boy, Neal, they grow so fast. Soon he will be throwing food and yelling no. haha
    Please give Yogi a kiss from me

  5. The quilt you made for Neal is just perfect for a little boy.
    Glad to hear that Yogi is doing good 17 years is pretty much for a dog but I hope he still has a few more left. My cats are 13 years old now and now that it's snowing outside they snuggle inside in the warmest and coziest places like my bed;-)
    Hope you have a wonderful December can't believe the year is almost over.

  6. Oh my gosh that is adorable!!~ first the little guy and then the quilt. ;) I am crazy busy holiday sewing! have a happy month!!

  7. How is it possible your Grandson is one? He is adorable and I am sure he adds joy to your life everyday. That quilt is perfect, am sure Neal and his parents have many hours of interaction with each other making animal sounds

  8. Your little Neal is a cutie and he has such a beautiful smile. Love your quilt! I always look for the photo of Yogi.

  9. I agree Polly, Neal is adorable and a big 1 year old already...
    The Animal Quilt you made for him Gramma is sew cute too. Sew hard to pick a favourite them all.
    Big hugs for darling Yogi from means and lick from Lacy.


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