Sunday, April 11, 2010

Missing In Action

Yes, I've been missing in action for awhile because I did so much spring yard work over spring break that my hands were all torn up with cuts and open blisters, so I had to let them heal a bit before I could get back to sewing at night after work.

After I saw the cute Abbey Bags from the last Abbey Lane Quilts givaway, I ordered the pattern and made one for myself today!

I found three sewing themed fat quarters in my stash which I used for the bag outside, inside, top band and flower and used scraps for the pin cushion wedges.

It is a well written pattern and fun and easy! 
It would be a great gift for any quilter!!

These are some blocks from a blue Strip Twist quilt I've just started working on. 

I taught the class this afternoon at
The Artful Quilter quilt shop nearby. 

The ladies in the class were so fun to chat with as we cut and sewed. 
Doncha just love these gorgeous blues???

Of course, while at the shop, I just HAD to buy a few pieces of fabric that were calling my name!!

This gorgeous blue Martha Negley reprint floral fabric is gonna be a new spring blouse for me!  LOVE IT!!
So, what have YOU been up to lately??


  1. Oh I like your new fabrics! I'm going to need to start the yard work real soon and I'll be in the same boat as you were.

  2. Polly great bag. I have been wanting to buy the pattern and now that you say it is easy I will.

  3. I love the bag and of course the new fabrics . I hope your hands recover quickly .

  4. I'm glad that your poor little hands are feeling better! I love the Abbey Bag! I have made those... but don't seem to have kept any for myself:( That floral fabric will make a great blouse!

  5. What a cute bag! ANd, I love your new quilt, too! Can't wait to see more. I'm so glad that you're hands are doing better!


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