Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Was Up?

One.  Only One.  My one and only one.
Tons of pink petals snowing down

in my front yard from my cherry trees.
Millions of white blossoms drift down

from our pear trees out back.
A few dozen perky sunshine yellow

 daffodils sway in the breeze.
But only one of these came up this year.

One lonely but delectable tulip this spring...
so far.


  1. Oh, how beautiful, Polly. My tulips are up about 8 inches but I won't see the blossom for at least a week yet. Have a wonderful week. sylvia

  2. It's gorgeous Polly! Our little orchard (2 years old) is covered in blossom this year, but we've only had a couple of tulips pop up. My Irises are blooming away though!

  3. All of our blossoms are nearly gone now....we've been having weather in the low 90's! A wee bit to toasty. Your yard is beautiful...

  4. Beautiful! Don't you just love spring:))

  5. Spring...so lovely Thanks for the beautiful photos!


  6. In Wisconsin, my crocus have already bloomed. I have 3 daffodils open with many more in maybe a week or so. It has cooled down back to the 40's so that should slow everything down. Wish I had the fruit trees for their beautiful blooms. Happy Spring to you and Yogi.

  7. The best thing about Virginia is the Springtime display of flowers. I have no garden, but tomorrow I am taking my camera with me to my sister's most excellent one. Hopefully more tulips will show themselves. Maybe something ate the bulbs underground?

  8. Oh so pretty - thanks for sharin Polly!

  9. How beautiful! Would love to see it in person.


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