Friday, June 4, 2010


The Quilters Unlimited quilt show opened today at 10:00am!  And here's a funny story.  I left my house at 9:30 and pulled into a parking space at 9:45 and pulling into an adjoining space from the opposite direction was my bee friend Linda!  OMG!  What are the odds on THAT happening??  We couldn't have tried to plan that and actually have it work, right???
  Welllllllll, I tried to be good....and....
I WAS!!!  I was a good shopper, right? :-)

Check out all this LOOT!!!!!!

I got some awesome patterns, including
June's Schnibble pattern "State Fair".

Check out these adorable Halloween fat quarters!!

I loveeeee variegated thread for quilting!!

And , of course, a few pieces of fabric...
some charm squares,
 a few new Christmas yards,
some watermelon fabric,
some Easter egg fat quarters,
a bundle of white on cream
 and a cute summer panel.

And I have a three day pass....
what will I find at the show tomorrow??


  1. See, now I do not feel so guilty about all the fabric I have bought online in the last few weeks. I keep telling myself-- only 4 days of school left and I will be able to sew all day every day and I need to stock up on supplies! Have fun!

  2. WooWee! What a pile of goodies!! You were a Very good shopper! ☺

  3. Like you need more fabric, you could send it to me. LOL.What beautiful eye candy Polly.

    Love the large "King Tut" I have not seen them here in Aussie.

  4. Oh, so nice and beautiful fabrics and multi-colour threads! I love them a lot!!! You are really a lucky girl to have all these things at you ))) Have a nice day!
    Hugs. Larisa.

  5. Wow - it looks like you wiped out the show supplies LOL! You're going to get the red-carpet treatment when you go back today. Can't wait to see what your shopping bag holds.....

  6. Oh my you were indeed good... LOL What an awesome pile of loot you've got there! I love King Tut thread, yummy!

  7. Wow! What a great haul. I love to attend quilt shows. So much inspiration and supplies!

  8. OMgosh you did real good!!! I L-U-V King Tut thread for quilting, my eyes went right for that group of cones picture!!

  9. Oh, I just tried the King Tut thread a few months back and I love that stuff!

  10. You got some great stuff! And the State Fair pattern too, awesome. Great Halloween fabrics.


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