Thursday, September 9, 2010

CGQC Goals for September and October

Our Charming Girls Quilt Club
leader, Kelly, has set

And this is just perfect for my
situation right now!  Because I hurt my
"good" shoulder a few months ago, I've not
quilted anything large since then.
So, I have a few tops I would like to try to quilt.

And the "Queen Mother",

(my HQ 16 sit-down machine)
is lonely and needs some exercise!

I LOVE autumn and especially Halloween. 
I have a few quilt kits for the season

that I'd also like to make.

Another goal is to figure out
what I'm making family
and friends for Christmas
this year!  Maybe I'll get some
good ideas on Sunday at
the Sully Quilt show!!
Wish me luck!!  :-)



  1. I love that last picture Polly. Is that a kit? I might like to add that to my collection--which isn't really a collection at all yet:) I've got two Halloween wall hangings that are ready to quilt as soon as I get my mom back home next week. I'm going to put up a "Quarantine---no visitors allowed" sign up when I get back and sew for a whole week. (I'm sure it will last for at least a day or two til the grands decide to pop over for a visit -- but that is why I moved here :))

  2. The acorn quilt...I love it!! do that one first LOL!

  3. Boy you know how to set some serious goals for yourself Polly! How on earth do you get all that done? LOL

  4. Have fun at the quilt show, Polly! Your work is always so lovely and creative.

  5. Hope you get lots of lovely ideas at the Quilt show Polly.

  6. Just happen to run across your it. if you need new recipes head on over to our site

  7. Love the autumn quilts.
    I hope your shoulder gets better soon and you can catch up with your quilting

    Love and hugs Gina xx


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