Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back to Quilting, Finally!

I made a lovely blue quilt top while teaching a class at The Artful Quilter about 6 months ago and it’s been sitting with a pile of others in my sewing room.  I pinned it yesterday evening after work and quilted it tonight.  It’s made with very busy fabric prints, so i just did a simple meander with a soft green thread.

blue twist

I got the binding sewn on and will do the hand finishing at bee on Saturday.  It’s so nice to finish a top, isn’t it?  YESSSSSSS!  :-)



  1. I love the blue,Polly. It reminds me of blue china on a lovely dining room table. Yes it is nice to finish a top or even start one. I am so busy sewing and making t-shirt quilts that I have not taken the time to make a quilt for myself for a while.

    I am back into blogging now and I intend to hold a giveaway soon so check me out if you have time.

  2. is always nice to finish a quilt. Love the pretty colors of it too.

  3. I am making my gotta-get-it-quilted-pile grow every week. But the good thing about that is, that at least they are not UFO's anymore. The tops and the backs are sitting in a pile along with fabric for the binding, waiting to be quilted. Someday soon, I will start to tackle that pile, until then, I am enjoying getting all these tops finished and move to that pile instead.

  4. I really like that blue fabric, also, Polly. It just looks happy! It always feels good to finish something...I've really got to get busy on my UFO pile!



  5. Very pretty fabric Polly. It is a great feeling to finish a quilt -- I just wish I got the feeling more often -- if you know what I mean:))


  6. Your quilt looks really cool. Love the colours.
    well done on your finish Polly.

  7. I LOVE that fabric!!! What pattern did you use?

  8. Wonderful!!! Good for you!!

    And the blue fabrics are just beautiful! Is it a collection or did you pull them all together?


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