Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Finally Done!!

I did finish the binding on one quilt

at bee on Saturday!


This is my original “Counting By Fives”

quilt design -


made with Moda’s super fun “Attitude Girls”


by my favorite designer Mary Engelbreit!

At bee, I also finished about half of the binding


on my “Blue Garden Days” quilt made from


the Strip Twist quilt pattern

that is so fun to make


even though it uses partial seaming!  Still fun!!

It took me FOUR nights to compose the design directions for all 5 MBS projects…

more sneak1

MAN!!  That’s a realllllly longgggg post! 

more sneak

Woo hoo!!  All done!! 

more sneak 2

I still don’t know when it will be published, but I’ll let you know when I find out!!

Whatcha working on these days??



  1. Wonderful!! Everything you do is! Love all the photos.

  2. They're all fantastic and I love the layered buttons - they look fab! I'm between projects at the minute.

  3. I love when I can say things are finally done! :-) I have just finished up a messanger bag from your December post. I changed it up a little and used a photo printed to fabric on the front flap, and for the inside pockets, I made a strip the entire width of the bag, and stitched down little compartments. I hope to have it posted on my blog soon! Thanks for the great directions!

  4. WONDERFUL! You're a busy, busy girl.

  5. The backs of your quilts, Polly, are always as fun as the fronts. Your Counting by Fives quilt is one I definitely have on my "to-do" list.

    I've missed you but know you're busy. Are you still having alot of cold weather?

  6. Love the fabric you used on your Counting by Fives!!!

  7. WOW - That Blue Garden Days is a dazzler!! Love the pattern, but the colors and patterns you chose make it utterly fantastic. I'm really taken with that one!!!

  8. I love your counting by five quilt. I would like to try it. If I can get myself back to quilting going again.
    I like Th Blue Garden Says pattern, too.
    Great quilting!

  9. Having a "sew day" with my quilting friend on Saturday. My counting by fives quilt pieces are in my bag so I can work on it. Hopefully I'll finish the top. I like that pattern alot! Of course, one of many projects in the works.

  10. Wow- I love all your projects! They are all so fun and bright... thanks for all the eye candy! I can't wait to see you published over at MBS! That is so exciting Polly!!!


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