Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gettin’ Jiggy Wid It!!

OOKAAAAY… not sure why that title just popped in my head for this post…  but I like it!


I am torn!!  I had this Amy Butler “Soul Blossom” jelly roll sitting on my sewing table calling my name BIG TIME since I got back from the quilt show, so I ruminated a few days, designing a quilt to make with it and came up with one that I think will be a good one.

I sorted the strips into sets of four


I sewed them together into strip sets and then sub-cut them into 2 1/2” strips which will be sewn together to create 16 patch blocks.  I got this far then remembered that this Saturday is our March bee day and I need a quilt to bind there!!  ACK!


So, I am torn between dying to get on with my new quilt design and getting a top quilted to take to bee… which goes along with my goal to quilt at least one top a week until my pile is gone…


So, the top won, sigh, and I have quilted about 75% of it so far.  Will finish it tomorrow after work and get the binding prepared and sewn on ready to do the hand work on Saturday at bee.


Then I can get back to my new quilt!!  YUMMM!

Oh, and one more thing!  I had a little “light bulb over my head” moment the other day chatting with my bee friend Lorraine in the car going to the show.  So, I tried out the new idea today while quilting.  I took one pair of my favorite Atlas quilting gloves and cut the fingertips off the thumbs, and first two fingers on each glove.


I HATE having to take my gloves off each time I need to snag a stray thread or rethread the needle or pull up the bottom thread. 


And with just those three fingers out on both hands, I can leave the gloves on do anything I need while quilting!  YAY!  Why the heck did I never think of this before???  Well, DUH!!

So, what are you working on these days??  Has spring arrived in your area yet?? 

Yogi and I are dreaming of spring!!




  1. Good girl working on your quilt top.
    You should paten your idea with the quilting gloves. great idea.

    I am sure Yogi is looking forward to spring.
    We are now in autumn but it is still nearly 40cel each day.

  2. We are being teased with the idea of spring. As we begin to see the sunshine, but it is still cold.

  3. Okay, you have me intriqued by your new subset getting cut into new 2.5" strips - for a 16 patch block. Sounds absolutely yummy. Also sounds like a Moda Bake Shop Quilt...

    A touch of spring here yesterday with low 60's temp...loved it and went to the local Bernina shop...which proved "not so good"....LOL

  4. I can't wait to see what your doing with that top quilt. I love those colors. The quilt in the machine is so beautiful. I know that sometimes it is hard to decide on which quilt to work on first. LOL!

  5. What a great idea to cut the gloves! It's so time comsuming off - on - off and on again! You are really fast with that quilting. I like the sounds of one quilt a week. Good luck with it - and enjoy it!

  6. Now that song is in my head!!! LOL!

  7. Love that AB fabric- can't wait to see it the pattern materialize (hehe). Looks like you are a very busy bee!

  8. I hate having to take my gloves off too but I haven't thought about cutting off some don't slip any when you do that? blessings, marlene

  9. Just found you and am already a follower. Love your watch dog.

  10. Did you subcut the strip sets to 21/2 or 121/2? Love the idea of this quilt but am confused -- a confused beginner!!

    1. Dear Anonymous, the four long strips are sewn together on the long sides, pressed then sub cut across into 2 .5 inch strips.! Four of these pieces from different sets will be sewn together into a 16patch block!


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