Friday, June 3, 2011

Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show 2011

Today begins the 3 days of the Quilters Unlimited of Northern VA annual quilt show at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA.


The line was wrapped around the building to get in.  The venue is nice and big, but the cement floors are reallllly hard on your feet, knees and back….or was that because of all the purchases we carried around!!  LOL!!


Some of the quilts displayed were amazing.  It always inspires me to do more- learn more…especially the quilting…so stunning!


The vendors were plentiful and many were new this year, which is always nice when more quilt shops pop up in the areas nearby.


My bee friends and I have really noticed how much the fabrics have changed in the last few years…


influenced by all the new young designers who create such bright modern collections.


I was actually quite restrained at the show today…only bought a few pieces of fabric, some huge buttons for bags, two patterns, a cool magnetic scissor/pin holder, and a little Jim Shore sewing machine box.


There were lots of folks there…and it’s always amazing to me how many familiar faces I see at these events…from guild, the quilt shop I used to work at, etc…


Quilting is really a small world sometimes, isn’t it? 


When you go to a quilt show, do you go to the vendors first, then go see the quilts, or the other way around?



  1. I usually go to the vendors first! We get there as soon as the doors open and shop before it gets too busy!

  2. I like to see what is new with the vendors, then check out the quilts. If time, I can check some of the favorite vendors again.

  3. We usually try and get there at opening time (I usually go with a couple of quilty friends). I like to do a quick whip around the vendors and take note of the ones that interest me! Then have a leisurely look at the quilts. After a bite to eat we return to the vendors that we really want to check out, that is when the serious looking and spending takes place LOL!!! It's all good fun, thankyou for sharing your day at the quilt show!!! BTW love the Brazilly's!!!! Very creative!

  4. I've never been to a quilt show. It's on my list.

  5. Vendors first, cause the good stuff will be gone if you wait too long - LOL! and the quilts will be there as long as the show is open. This is my strategy and it can get a bit expensive but it sure is fun!

  6. I've never been to one either, I really want to go to one...badly. I love the quilts you took pictures of, especially the one with the flowers. Any idea what the pattern was called? I would love to make it.


  7. I go to the vendors first but Polly our shows are nothing compared to the ones you have in the USA.

  8. WOW, that looks like so much fun. Sadly, I have never been to a quilt show. When I do go I will probably go to the vendors first. (o:

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  9. Vendors first definitely! What if I missed something because it was all sold out? LOLOL! I try to visit all the vendors first and make notes of what I want to buy and then go back to purchase, but that doesn't always work!

  10. I look at the quilts displayed first for several reasons...first, to get inspired and secondly to not have to carry around all my purchases. There always seem to be more than enough to buy and I make sure I allow plenty of time to visit the vendors.

  11. Sounds like this was a fun show. I do so love quilt shows, visiting vendors and being inspired by all the beautiful quilts on display. While I couldn't attend this show, I do appreciate you sharing insights on it.


  12. What a great show! So many fun and inspiring things, thanks so much for sharing these pictures.

    - Mary in Minnesota

  13. Definitely the quilts first!!! Typically the vendors exhaust me and then I don't have the energy left to see or enjoy the quilts. Especially if I am carrying heavy bags with all my purchases.

  14. Thanks for letting us go shopping with you Polly! What a great quilt show! It looks huge.

  15. Now that is a show...can't say I have ever seen one like this...and beauty of shots were taken...with that amazing camera / YOU good!


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