Thursday, July 28, 2011

Natural Beauty

While I am not fond of spiders, I do admire their skill and dedication to their craft!


With all this heat, I’m having to water my potted plants out on my deck everyday.  And MAN, does the painted wooden deck boards get HOT!!  Even Yogi comes right in when I go inside…no lollygagging out there these days!!

yogi sunning

Anyhoo, look at the skill of this spider!! I think she must be a


come on, you know that was funny!!  Of course, my very arachnophobic husband and grown sons immediately swept this web down when I showed it to them…sigh…


P.S. Check back here tomorrow morning to see who won the AccuQuilt GO Baby!  Who knows??  Maybe YOU!!



  1. LOL! Good one about the long-armer :D
    That is one gorgeous web. Isn't amazing what designs they can spin. And I'm told that no two webs are alike - sort of like snowflakes.

  2. I love seeing the gorgeous webs they spin. I liked the joke too.

  3. You know, I'm really not a "dog person," but I gotta say, that Yogi gets me every time. Love the expressions!

  4. Spiders are truly amazing creatures...I'm not a big fan when I find one in the house, but I sure love their webs!

  5. I have to admire a good spider web, but I'd prefer not to see the spider itself.

  6. I'm glad you got a picture of the beautiful web before the broom attacked it!

  7. I was just thinking yesterday how tolerant I have become of living with spiders. I remember the day when I freaked out over daddy long legs and now I leave them in some corners to do their job. And it is very interesting how different types of spiders weave such different webs...much like us!

  8. Yes, I admire the intricacy of cobwebs, I let them be, (when they are outside!) they take a while to make and I don't have the heart to destroy a night's work!!!!

  9. LOL! I thought it was funny.... I love to look at the spider webs. It is a work of art isn't it. Don't like spiders either, but hey down here in AZ where I live, we have those big things called...TARANTULAS! Had on at the front door Tuesday Morning to greet me!

  10. Long-armer~ very good! LOL I love seeing the webs when they have been gently misted by nature... and then I find the broom if they are next to the house too! ;-) Have a happy weekend!

  11. If I was a betting woman I'd bet that if that spider wasn't hurt in the sweeping she'll have that web back up tomorrow --- especially if she's a long armer:))



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