Saturday, June 16, 2012

At The Beach!?

I bought a beach tote kit at a quilt show two years ago.

‘Bout time I get it made, right?


The kit came with pre-cut batik strips for the tote bag front and back and enough extra fabric for the straps.


I didn’t really like some of the strips, so I substituted some of my own batiks from my stash… do you do that sometimes, too?


I’m having fun deciding what motifs to quilt into the bag… so far I’ve decided on some seashells, a crab, a seahorse, a turtle and a shark…


What are you sewing on this weekend?  Something fun?



  1. What a great little tote! I love how everything is ready to go, no cutting either, just sewing!!! I have some domestic chores to do first, then I may try and get a bit of sewing in!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Cute tote! I believe that most fabric needs to be "aged" before you get around to sewing it - LOL! I always end up substituting fabrics in a kit cause there is always something in my stash I want to use too. I'm sewing on my Sugar Dish quilt. All the pieced blocks are done and I'm getting the rows together. Happy stitching!

  3. I am loving your new "BEACH TOTE". Great colours. I need to make a new one for our coming Summer. May use a Jelly Roll??
    Like all the ideas for quilting BUT not the shark.
    Even Yogi does not like that idea "Do you Yogi"??

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVING this tote!!
    Please can you tell me who the designer is or company name .... I NEED to find the pattern :)
    Love your colour choices ... I would add a mermaid to mine :)

  5. I'm working on a quilt called Fanciful Flowers and using a lot of Fig Tree fabrics in those antiquey soft lovely colors. This patterns could easily be made REALLY Bright of more subdued either way it's a lot of cutting and drawing appliques. It's really pretty.

  6. Love this tote pattern and fabrics you are putting together. It will be a gorgeous tote!

  7. I love the tote and well as love working with that fabric!

    I've been making American Girl doll clothing all weekend. I will be donating them as well as McKenna the American Girl doll to the WESTIE FOUNDATION OF AMERICA to use at auction to raise money for research on health issues of the westie breed. I'm just learning quilting and I was thinking of making a doll quilt with my tiny scraps - sorta a scrappy quilt. (my sewing blog is: - this is my record of everything I've created)

    Happy quilting - Happy creating and Happy week ahead,

  8. looks great to me! pretty pretty


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