Friday, November 23, 2012

The Queen Mother


Someone asked me in a comment where I do my quilting.  I use my Bernina 640 in my sewing room, to do my quilting on smaller projects like Schnibbles, Little Bites, table runners, pillows, wall hangings, purses and totes.  This is the room you usually see in my blog posts with Yogi snoozing away in his bed up on my sewing table.


But, when I need to quilt anything bigger, I’m in the home office across the hall from my sewing room…  where The Queen Mother resides!!


This is Her Royal Highness, The Queen Mother!!


She’s a HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit Down Machine.  She came with the table she sits down into…but I wanted more support, so I have two little tables one on each side of her.


One day, when I find the room, she may turn into a long arm!  Maybe in our forever house!


So, where do you quilt your projects?  Do you quilt your own smaller projects and then pay a long arm quilter to do the rest for you?  Most of my friends do that!



  1. I quilt everything on my machine - the same I use for piecing - I only have one machine. Well to be fair - there aren't that many long arm quilters in Europe and I couldn't really pay to get my things quilted.
    And I do that in the right corner of my room - no sewing room for me ... oh and the machine shares the table with my cutting mat (on the left edge) and my felt mat to iron on (on the right edge). If I quilt something bigger I just put everything under the table ...

  2. I quilt almost everything myself. I have had two queen sized quilts longarm quilted.

  3. It looks like a great setup for the sewing and quilting. I tend to do my own unless it is something special or just too big.

  4. I need to finish more stuff to answer this question! :) So far, more longarmer than me but I'd like to change that.

    I have limited room in my house, what type of room does your set up need? Can you use pantographs?

  5. All my quilts are quilter by a longarm quilter. I quilt all the "crafty" things.

  6. Is there ANYTHING better than getting to look at someone else's sewing room(s)? I love seeing these pictures!

    I'm also spread out. I have my sewing machines (well some of them) in my sewing room, I have another room set up with for cutting and all my Accuquilt dies, and my computers, and one more with my longarm and all my fabric. What I wouldn't give for one big room... or maybejust a quilting HOUSE! Hehehe

  7. Your rooms look so beautiful. I love your sewing set up! I piece and quilt on a smallish machine on my dining room table. Ive been researching getting a new sewing machine since mine is not sewing straight anymore and doesn't have any of the extras I would like. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  8. Up until I retired all my quilts that were larger than a wall hanging we sent to a longer quilter. Now I am learning to use free motion techniques to quilt quilts that are crib size or smaller. It's a new learning curve for sure. When my mom came to live with US, we gave her the master suite and we took the children's side. My sewing room was moved to the dining room, so I have limited space for sewing. I actually sew all over our home!

    Alice in Central Florida

  9. I, like CJ, love seeing others' sewing spaces. I have my Berninas in one room and my long arm in another room. My main sewing room, where the Berninas are, has adequate space for cutting and a huge fabric closet.

  10. I quilted 4 place-mats for my mom when I first learned how to piece. Nine months later I ordered an Innova longarm and a week after I had it set up I had a customer quilt on the frame! I love quilting and I am blessed to have customers who give me their treasured quilts to quilt. Of course, now anything I want quilted goes on the longarm!!

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  12. Loved seeing your sewing spaces! I am so grateful to be able to quilt on my HQ16. As soon as room became available in my house about 6 years ago I put my order in - and have never regretted that purchase! o:)

  13. Hi Polly and Yogi,
    I too love to see pictures of where people quilt. I think I just about have your room memorized. My sweetie is in the woodshop as I write this working on a murphey bed for our third bedroom. When it is done I am going to move in there and spread out! How is the Christmas decorating going. I am kind of stalled at the moment. Waiting for the urge to hit again. I did get my village set up.
    Suzan and the pups at Ladybug Cottage

  14. The quilt thats being quilted looks so pretty ! Cant wait to see it!


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