Friday, November 16, 2012

Time Flies!

HOLY COW!!  Where the heck did the last two weeks go???  I can NOT believe next week is Thanksgiving already, can you??


Well, in my defense, I have not been slacking… been busy in the sewing room… just not posting.  Sad smile 


I get a bit frantic this time of year making gifts for friends and family for Christmas. 


If you check the list on my sidebar, you’ll see I’ve made several things already this month. 


When I decorated the house for November, I found a few places I needed some smaller quilted things to use on tables and such,


so I pulled out my scraps and made a few new things. 


Let’s see if you can find them in my photos of my house all decorated for November!!


I save all my scarecrows to put out in November.


Back when I designed, sewed and sold dolls and critters at local craft fairs in Florida,


before we moved here to Virginia, scarecrows were always a big seller and I loved making them.


You’ll see lots of scarecrows in these photos!


By the end of November, after two months of orange décor from Halloween and Thanksgiving,


I am always SOOOO ready to put it all away and get out my red and green Christmas decorations, aren’t you??!!


Thanksgiving foods have really never been my favorite…

Schnibbles table mat

but I do love the whole cooking all day and family coming and

long mini  table runner

pick up football games outside the the parade and college football on TV inside stuff.

pumpkin mat

I always go out on Black Friday and get our live tree from a local store


and get my husband and kids to bring up the 8 big tubs of Christmas decorations from storage in  the basement.


Because I always worked, until now, I always decorate my house the weekend after Thanksgiving.


Now that I’m retired, I can take more time…


but probably will still do it all in a week, the day after Thanksgiving!!


When do you decorate? 


Do you go out and fight the hordes on black Friday to shop for gifts?


My husband and I used to do that …waaayyy back before we had kids…


but not since then for sure!!


I hate crowds and lines!!  YUCK!!


And I do make most gifts for my sisters, parents and friends…


but not so much now for my sons and hubby anymore.

nov front door

Do you make allot of your holiday gifts??  Do you start early??



  1. No No and Yes .. not sure if I counted the questions right. I do not decorate. Christmas decoration = 1 advent wreath and a advent calendar go up on the Saturday before the 1st Advent. We don't do thanksgiving here (wrong country) and the Christmas tree - well we buy that on the 24th put it up in the afternoon, and it goes down again on the 6th of January.

    I try to make as many gifts as I can, but that's not always possible. I try to make them at least for the immediate family. The rest, well sometimes its only half selfmade and sometimes I only buy it myself. I hate shopping, so I usually have to do several Christmas present shopping runs (torture sessions) at the beginning of December.

  2. Oh you have been very busy and sorry Polly I only looked at your photos as it is 1.40am and my eyes are too tired to read. Must away to bed..Will pop back later this morning.

  3. Your house looks wonderful and all ready for Thanksgiving. I too am ready for the red and green of Christmas after lots of browns and oranges all fall. I usually do my Christmas decorating sometime that weekend after Thanksgiving. This year we are not hosting any big group so I may get it done on Friday instead of shopping. My girls and I used to do lunch, shopping, and an ornament exchange on Black Friday. Now they always have to work that day - bummer. Health care workers don't always have holidays off like I have working in education.

  4. Your home sure looks beautiful. Very festive for Fall.

    I try to make things for Christmas, but never seem to have enough time. Still working on making some small projects for friends & family.


  5. Polly,
    Your house looks so pretty all decked out for Thanksgiving. I am ready to put all of the orange and brown things away and start getting ready for Christmas. I am planning to get a lot of the Christmas stuff out on Thanksgiving weekend. I don't make a lot of gifts but I would like to. Next year when I am at home I will start doing that.
    Ladybug Cottage

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  7. Holy Moly have created, designed, sewn, soooooo much is amazing what you have accumulated....woww!

  8. your home is lovely!! I love all the decorations!! I've been quilting for over twenty years, more off than on with five kids. I hope to make many pieces over the next few years to decorate my new home (well new to me anyway)!


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